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10 Definite Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

Men want to make love, they make their intentions quite clear. But when women have sex on their mind, it is hard for them to be so explicit. That is why; it is important for men to know the signs that she wants to sleep with you. Only if you know the signs that she wants to have sex, you will be able to score chicks. You need to be very smart to read a woman correctly or else you can get into all sorts of trouble...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The signs that she wants to sleep with you will not be obvious. If a woman is so upfront, there would be no charm in dating her. Women are mysterious beings and that is exactly how men like them to be. Her intention to sleep with you will be masked, just like everything else about her. So when she gives you the signs that she wants to have sex, she basically wants to take the relationship to the next level.

Take an honest advice, never follow your instincts when it comes to reading the signs that she wants you in bed. The instincts of men simply do not match. So, it is much better to go by basic rules and guidelines than being called a groper.

Here are some of the most basic signs that she wants to have sex with you.
She touches you on false pretexts

By touching, we don’t mean taking your arm. May be she ties to wipe some cream that is not there on your upper lip or invites you for a really close dance.
She sits too close for comfort

There is a lot of room on the bench but she is sitting huddled together with you. The bike ride gets horny as she presses against you from the backseat. All these are signs that she is ready to sleep with you.
She gives you compliments

She actually notices what you wear much more intently. She also passes quirky comments like ‘nice bum’ or ‘your stubble feels good’.
She dresses to hunt

When women know that they are going to get some action in bed, they usually dress to impress. She will wear revealing clothes, makeup, try a nice hairstyle and definitely wear hot lingerie (you can check out the last point if you manage to pick up the signs properly).
She calls you in for coffee

You drop her off at her place and she asks you, ‘coffee?’. Don’t think twice, this girl really has sex on her mind. Don’t ask, just act on the impulse.
She agrees to stay over

She usually insists on going back to her place but she surprises you by staying over tonight. This is surely a hint that she wants to take the relationship to the next level.
She rubs her lips together or fusses with her hair

Women act strangely when they are hormonal and have intimacy on their mind. You might notice that she continues sprucing up her hair or rubbing her lips together.
She offers you gum or mint

Women are always particular about not kissing someone with bad breath. So if she gives you gum or mint after eating onions, you should get the hint.
She talks about sex

Sex is usually a taboo topic with women. However, if you see that your girl is discussing sex in graphic details with no holds barred, then the chances are that you will get lucky tonight.
She uses sexual innuendos

Even if she is unable to discuss sex openly, she will make her point by using cheesy puns. She will try to speak to you using sexual innuendos.

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