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10 tips to help you start a successful year

We are looking at 10 ways to get the new year off to a great start. Everybody wants to start the New Year off fresh, usually resolving to eat less, exercise more, and lose weight on January 1st. However, after a month, they find themselves back in a rut....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

Several factors contribute to New Year’s resolution failure, most commonly overly ambitious or ambiguous goals. However, there are ways to successfully change your behavior and reach your goals.

Here are some pointers for a successful New Year’s Eve.

If you want to move forward, it’s important to understand where you’ve been. So, the first step to meeting your new goals is to take stock of where you’ve been and recognize the accomplishments you’ve made in the previous year.

To perform a yearly review, answer the following questions:

What went well for me last year?

What accomplishments did I have?

How did I improve my life?

How did I improve my relationships?

What did I remove from my life that is now making me happier?

What do I wish I had taken more time for?

2. Finish what you started

To start right, it’s also important to close off loose ends. So, what general list of to-do items do you have left over from the previous year? If you can identify tasks that you can complete in 2 hours or less, do them first thing in January to clear your mind for new projects.

Identify where you are now and where you want to be at this time next year. Keep in mind: if you don’t know where you’re going, it will be tough to get there.

If you want to be in a different position next year, plan how you’re going to make a change.

4. Figure out what new skills you’re going to need

If you have professional goals, you will probably need to acquire new skills to advance; plan how you will obtain them. If you want to get in shape, do a little reading or YouTube research about how to best exercise.

5. Keep an eye on the future

Believe it or not, January 1st is a good time to start thinking about the outlook for the next year (one year from now) and beyond. If things do not seem promising, be realistic and think about what steps you should take.

Join a book club or a running group. Volunteer for a community association. Professional organizations provide many opportunities to volunteer or to learn new skills. Developing human connections and having the opportunity to give back to your community are what matter.

7. Keep an eye on the important things

You will have a higher chance of succeeding in your career if you take action in the new year to address any issues that you have been ignoring, such as your health, your family, or your friends.

8. Plan to take a vacation

Relaxation is also the key to success. Taking a break from work, or simply making the effort to keep your New Year’s resolutions, enables you to reset, refocus, and reenergize yourself. It has a similar effect to New Year’s Day.

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