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13 Relationship Rules for Couples to Share

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Relationships are a complicated but highly rewarding fray. They aren’t supposed to be simple, but they’re not supposed to be rocket science either. In essence, a good and healthy relationship will make you flourish as a couple AND as individuals, while a toxic relationship will leave you feeling empty, emotionally broken, or worse.
Here are thirteen relationship rules we recommend you try following:
1. Stop Blaming, Start Accepting

We can’t grow together if we keep blaming each other. Blame only leads to more blame; it’s a never-ending vicious cycle. Let’s accept our faults without blaming one another. It’s not a competition; it’s a union of two souls.
“Love is about two people supporting and respecting one another, not a competition of mistakes and faults.”
2. Learn Together, Everyday

Our minds crave information. A healthy couple learns from one another, devoid of ego and preconceptions. The day you think you know everything is the day you stop growing. Life is a constant learning process, and a couple that learns together flourishes together. Be proud of each other’s skills, stand by one another’s failures.
3. Cherished Emotions Last Forever

A happy couple knows the actual value of emotions and feelings. When two human beings share a strong emotional bond, they face life’s hardships head-on, knowing they have a constant support system. Those who value emotions over the physical and material aspects of life are the happiest.
4. Never Forget the Importance of Self

A happy couple values the importance of self. When two people truly love each other, they accept and love each other’s true selves, not someone they can become. True love won’t change you; it will enhance you. It will make you love everything about yourself, not make you hide your face from yourself.
5. Achieve Personal Goals, Together

Following the importance of self, personal goals are vital and should never be forgotten or ignored because of your partner. If you start distancing yourself from your objectives, you will begin developing resentment against your partner. A happy couple makes sure they don’t forget each other’s personal goals and help them reach those goals!
6. End Fights Peacefully, Without Resentment

When two individuals are together, they are bound to have differences. It’s natural to have arguments with your partner now and then; that’s how you learn to grow together. A healthy argument stops before causing any lasting emotional damage. Be cautious with your words during an argument; words can sometimes hurt more than actions.
7. Be Each Other’s Biggest Critics, Privately

We have vowed to learn from one another, help each other grow, and make sure we don’t stumble on our way. This includes being positive critics of one another. You will learn so many things about yourself through your partner’s eyes, be open to learning.
8. Celebrate Each Other, Regularly

Find occasions, dates, even thoughts to celebrate. Celebrate your romance, the bond you share that no one else can replicate. Be proud of your relationship; you’ve worked hard on it. Keep important dates, remember them, and celebrate them. Keep cheering on for one another.
9. Tell The Truth, Period.

I know this is an age-old saying, but it’s more valid today than ever. Lying has only harmed people, lives, relationships. One lie will always lead to another, which will surely end in you finding yourself trapped inside of a web of lies. That’s a lot of negative energy for an individual to carry with them.

Tell the truth, even if the consequences aren’t in your favor. Trust me, a relationship based on lies isn’t worth much in the grand scheme of things.
10. Keep Walking Forward, Hand in Hand

The past should stay in the past. You can learn from it, but you can’t let it change your present. Everyone has a history; nobody comes with a clean slate in life. It’s unfair to yourself and your partner if you cling to the past, regardless of how many regrets you may carry. Talk to your partner about your emotions, about the inner turmoil. Be transparent about your fears with each other. Keep moving forward, together.
11. Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations

Learn to live in each other’s shoes. A happy relationship does not have any unrealistic expectations. A happy couple knows each other’s limitations and will never make one another feel bad over them. Realistic expectations, on the other hand, lead to happiness and joy.
12. Work Things Out, Giving Up Is Easy

Tough times are bound to show up; we can’t control them. What we can control is the way we handle those tough times together. A happy couple knows nothing good in life comes easy, and a good relationship will always be worth fighting for. If your heart is in the right place and you keep at it, life will start opening doors for you.
13. Never Let The Spark Go Out, Keep The Romance Alive

Relationships without romance are nothing but toxic. Couples that don’t share a healthy level of romance start distancing from one another. Happy couples know the value of romance and emphasize keeping the spark alive. Regardless of your relationship status, whether you’re married, have kids, spent decades together, your romance should forever be sacred and cherished.
In Conclusion, Let’s Be Thankful

Be thankful whether you’re single, divorced, happily married with kids, trying to move on from a toxic relationship – be grateful that you’re here. Be thankful for the opportunity to be better; the struggle will never end, but at least we struggle together and help each other grow. We can never let the fire inside us go out; we can never stop hoping for a better tomorrow.

Let’s be thankful, moving forward. Love is one of the simple luxuries of life, and if you have experienced it in some way, be grateful for it. Every single one of us shares pain, trauma, and heartbreak; we are in this together regardless of our differences.

As always, we thank you for staying with us; please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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