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“15 Psychological Signs that Someone is Interested in You, Even in the Early Stages.”

When we start new relationships, we can all experience feelings of insecurity or dread, wondering if the other person truly likes us. None of us can read minds, but our physical and psychological makeup can be quite telling. Fortunately, there are some cues that can discreetly reveal someone’s true feelings for us and provide a clear response to this question....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

We want your connections to be comfortable and secure for you. We’re revealing these unheard-of warning indicators for new partnerships as a result.

1. The direction of their feet

Their feet may be pointing in your direction, which could indicate curiosity. According to certified therapist Shamyra Howard, “open body language is an indication that someone is curious and attentive to you.” Leaning in your direction while having relaxed shoulders and uncrossed arms is another indication.

2. Whether you can see their hands

The majority of the time, you can see someone’s hands when they are at ease around you. This can be an excellent sign that your partner feels secure and connected in your presence.

3. The 2-direction head tilt

When your crush is listening to you talk, it can be a great indicator if they tilt their head to the side. They may indicate curiosity and attention by tilting their heads.

4. Their hands are clammy.

Although we would assume that someone is simply hot or sweating, this could actually be an indication of anxiety. The fact that they are anxious suggests that they may be interested in you and don’t want to ruin anything.

5. They stumble over their words.

Another sign that someone feels uneasy is stumbling over their words, especially if they are normally self-assured or the focus of attention. Relationship expert: “You know they’re not awkward typically, but they’re being awkward and can’t seem to make sentences around you, this could be a sign of attraction.”

6. They stand or sit close to you.

When you’re together, if they’re only a few inches away from you, it may be because they simply can’t help but want to be as near to you as possible. It’s probably a positive sign if they’re not afraid of intimacy and expresses their desire openly (but not in a weird way).

7. They rock a toothy smile.

When we are around 5 years old, most of us cease showing our front teeth when we smile, unless we are extremely happy. Look for teeth while they’re having a lot of fun. They won’t bother to cover their front teeth when they smile if they are truly very happy.

8. They lock eyes with your full face.

People today may feel uneasy when eye contact is constant. Therefore, if their gaze is mostly drawn to your eyes, nose, and lips, they are interested in you.

9. They lick their lips (in a cute way).

According to science, you salivate more when you are attracted to someone. Therefore, if your crush is really into you, they might lick their lips or press them together when they’re around you. Make sure the lip-licking isn’t weird, though!

10. They make physical contact.

To see how you react to their touch, make physical contact as a trial run. So little touches to your knee or tucking your hair behind your ear can indicate that someone wants to be near to you.

11. They touch their throat.

The throat is a part of the body that stands for vulnerability and communication. Therefore, if they touch this area when interacting with you, it can be significant. For example, it can indicate that they are interested in you and anxious about how they come across.

12. They single you out in a group.

They find opportunities to interact with you briefly when you are in a group. That can involve asking you straight questions or simply answering what you’ve stated. Making side conversations, staring at you, and laughing at your jokes are all positive behaviours.

13. They are consistent in communication.

Consistent communication is a terrific sign of interest. Relationships need to be maintained, thus people shouldn’t “leave” for extended periods of time before returning suddenly.

14. They blush around you.

Blushing is a genuine reaction to excitement or an adrenaline rush. Therefore, if someone feels “caught” being passionate about another person, it could be an indication that they are drawn to you.

15. They laugh a lot with you.

Establishing intimacy, rapport, and connection with someone can be done through smiling and laughing together. Therefore, if this frequently occurs between you, it may indicate that they really like you.

Do you have anything to contribute to this list? How can you tell if someone likes you? Post your suggestions in the comments.

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