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16 Signs Your Side Hustle Will Be A Success

The growth of online platforms has now made it easier than ever to start a side hustle. While taking on a side hustle has grown in popularity and more people are now considering entrepreneurship, succeeding in an oversaturated business environment has become more difficult...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Before investing too much time, money and effort into a side business, it’s best to think about where your business would fit in the current market and the likelihood of the business doing well. Below, 16 Forbes Business Council members each share one sign a side business will likely do well, as well as why that sign is a good indicator of future success.

1. You Have A Target Audience

An important sign of a side hustle’s potential for success is the ability to find even one person who best matches the attributes of your ideal customer to buy your product or service. By finding that customer, you can objectively know the marketability and growth potential of the offerings you are developing. – Karita Takahisa, UNIFY PLATFORM AG

2. You Carved Out A Niche

A strong sign that a side business will likely succeed is its ability to carve out a unique niche. When a business offers something distinct that isn’t readily available from competitors, it can attract a dedicated customer base eager for that unique value proposition. This differentiation can lead to strong brand loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. – Chirali Jain, ByDesign

3. You Have Product-Market Fit

A strong product-market fit is one of the most promising signs that a side business will likely do well. Coming up with an idea that will solve a client’s pains and satisfy their needs is crucial. Of course, this includes a lot of feedback and the constant refining of your offering, but once it is done, your side business will have a significant advantage and a higher likelihood of long-term success. – Nikola Minkov, Serpact

4. You Have Organic Word-Of-Mouth

Organic word-of-mouth buzz is a strong indicator of a successful side hustle. It demonstrates that your product or service genuinely resonates with customers, fulfilling a need and prompting them to share their positive experiences with others. This organic growth is often more sustainable and cost-effective than paid advertising, which then lays a strong foundation for long-term success. – Shahrukh Zahir, Right Fit Advisors

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5. You Have Inbound Requests For Work

As someone who successfully turned my side hustle into a business, I find that a great indicator of success is whether you have inbound requests for work. Are people reaching out through the “contact” tab on your website or emailing you directly with inquiries? If you have to do a ton of legwork to find new clients, you will have a hard time maintaining a steady revenue stream when you scale up. – Emily Reynolds Bergh, R Public Relations Firm

6. You Have Strong Demand

If a product or service serves a niche market with strong demand, it has a strong foundation for success. Demand gives businesses a clear understanding of their target audience, and genuine customer interest reduces the need for broad marketing efforts. However, building a loyal customer base and strong brand identity are crucial for long-term success. – Sabeer Nelliparamban, Tyler Petroleum Inc / ZilBank

7. You Don’t Have To Chase New Opportunities

When opportunities come to you rather than you having to chase them, it’s a key sign that a side business will likely do well. This could be due to successful digital marketing efforts, positive word-of-mouth from clients or repeat business and customer loyalty. If you are able to grow organically, it indicates that you have something valuable and sustainable. – Raquel Gomes, Stafi

8. You Landed A Big Client

In a B2B hustle, landing a key bread-and-butter client is a clear indication that it is time to switch. For example, when I landed Toyota as my first real client, I knew I had a revenue forecast and a reputable reference. This was a sign for me to give up the day job and go all-in on the side hustle. – Mikhail Papovsky, Massaro Consulting

9. You Can Generate Passive Income

Side hustles that have the ability to generate passive income are indicative of success because the business can be sustained with minimal effort. A good example of this is investing in rental properties and leveraging property management technology to automate processes and put your investments on autopilot. You’ll then be able to manage properties from anywhere via a mobile device, making it easier to scale. – Ryan Barone, RentRedi

10. Your Customers Are Engaged

One sign a side business will likely do well is consistent customer engagement and positive feedback. This indicates a genuine need and appreciation for your product or service, suggesting strong market demand and the potential for sustainable growth. – Stephen Sokoler, Journey

11. You Have Repeat Customers

One sign a side business will likely do well is a steady stream of repeat customers. This indicates that the product or service meets a consistent need and delivers value, which also fosters customer loyalty. Repeat business is also a strong indicator of satisfaction and market demand, suggesting sustainable growth potential and a solid foundation for future success. – Mohammad Bahareth, Mohammad Bahareth Institute [MBI]

12. You Have Consistent Customer Demand

A clear sign a side hustle will likely succeed is consistent customer demand. If your product or service attracts repeat customers and steady inquiries, it indicates market validation and the potential for sustainable growth. This continuous demand not only provides financial stability but also confirms that your offering meets a genuine need, which is a fundamental aspect of a successful business. – Aleesha Webb, Pioneer Bank

13. You Have A Thriving Community

Having a thriving and engaged community around your side hustle is a great sign of success. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about building a deeper connection with your audience. This connection leads to valuable word-of-mouth marketing, loyal customers and ongoing feedback for improvement. When people actively participate and share their experiences, it shows genuine interest and investment. – Michael Shribman, APS Global Partners Inc.

14. Your Business Generates Interest And Feedback

One sign a side business will likely succeed is if it generates consistent customer interest and positive feedback. This indicates a genuine market need and validates your product or service. Consistent demand means your offering resonates with your target audience, reducing the need for extensive marketing efforts and paving the way for organic growth. – Shehar Yar, Software House

15. You Have Returning And New Customers

Customers. Customers. Customers. Consider tracking customer acquisition and growth over a certain length of time. If you notice a pattern of growth in returning and new clients, congratulations! You might be onto something. Of course, different growth indicators might apply to different scenarios, but for a side hustle, customers and revenue might be just what you need to become a full-time freelancer. – Ioana Dragomir, AnaApp

16. Your Returns Exceed Your Investment

A good indicator that your side hustle is taking off is if your returns exceed your investment of time, effort, energy and money. Trust the data; if the numbers are favorable, it’s a strong sign to invest more. Monitor performance regularly, and if metrics improve, it confirms that your efforts are paying off. This iterative process ensures your side hustle’s growth and sustainability. – John Graham Harper, LumaFlex

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