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20 Reasons Why Men Prefer Emotionally Intelligent Women for Long-Term Relationships

Some men are very particular about their women. There is the kind of girl you date, and then there is the perfect someone to enjoy life with for the long haul. The difference between the two is the maturity of emotionally intelligent women...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Everybody wants to have fun and enjoy a fling or two, but when it comes to settling down and building a life with someone, you want it to be a person of substance. You want a woman who gets you on a different level and is mature enough to have children, a job, and keeps your relationship alive.

Have you ever heard that men are interested in some women because of their brains? Part of that is true that there needs to be some intellect to make conversations interesting. However, there are many reasons why intelligent women are so much more appealing than most.

For starters, they can maneuver the world of emotions and use their feelings to get positive results rather than negative ones. Not only is this trait an asset in a relationship, but it’s also good to have in the workplace too.

These ladies know what it takes to live a balanced life and empower others to be a better version of themselves. Here are some other reasons why an emotionally intelligent woman attracts more men.

Emotionally intelligent women
1. Emotionally Intelligent Women Do What They Say and Walk the Walk

Emotionally intelligent women don’t just say all the right things; they make it a habit to practice them too. They’re anything but hypocritical as they practice what they preach. They are not a dictator who doesn’t follow their own lead, as they have no qualms about living the lifestyle they represent.

2. They’re Not Afraid of the Future

It’s effortless to worry about the future when you don’t have control of the here and now. However, men like that the emotionally intelligent gal isn’t worried about tomorrow because she doesn’t need a scripted routine. She’s flexible, open-minded, and up for the adventure.

3. They Embrace Mindful Living

Some folks live each day with the mentality that they hope they make it through. However, this is not the attitude of those who are emotionally intelligent. Every single day is another blessing and something to learn. They embrace mindful living and don’t want to waste one minute they’ve been given.

4. They’re Fascinated by What Makes Them Tick

Emotionally intelligent women like to people watch, as they’re mesmerized by human behavior. They embrace diversity and find something in each person that makes them unique. They’re also observant as they watch body language and facial expressions.

5. Emotionally Intelligent Women Have Excellent Communication Skills

You may be a stranger when you meet the emotionally intelligent woman, but soon she will act like she’s known you forever. They find conversations easy, as they can talk to anyone. They don’t care what you believe, where you live, or how much money you make because they embrace the diversity that makes people so amazing.

6. They’re Aware of Their Strengths and Weaknesses

One thing that a guy likes about this lady is her strength. Sure, she knows she has weaknesses, and she’s working on them. However, she doesn’t talk about all her problems. Rather, she prefers to work on her issues without making a public announcement about them, as she would rather let her good qualities shine.

7. They’re Skilled Active Listeners

This strong woman has mastered the art and knows the difference between “hearing” and “listening.” To ensure that she’s engaged in the conversation, she will re-phrase your statements to ensure she gets things right. You never have to second guess if she’s truly listening to you or just nodding her head and hoping the conversation quickly ends.

8. They’re Always Willing to Lend a Helping Hand

Emotionally intelligent women don’t have to have a reason to help those around them, as she’s just a kind soul that loves to do this sort of thing. She wouldn’t hesitate to help an older man with his groceries or work in the local soup kitchen. Her warm personality is endearing to all who meet her.

9. Emotionally Intelligent Women Have a Desire to Achieve

One thing that men love about this strong lady is that she is success-minded. She won’t stop until she hits her goal, and she’s not quitter. No matter what comes her way, she will keep going and striving till she succeeds.

10. Emotionally Intelligent Women Make Peace with the Past

Sure, she has a past, and some parts of it are more complicated for her to handle. However, she ditched that emotional baggage long ago. She’s ready to have a new relationship because she’s not letting her past dictate her future.
emotionally intelligent women

11. They’re Willing to Say “No”

This woman is strong and determined, which makes her so attractive. Additionally, she knows that she can say “no” if her load gets too heavy. She loves herself enough to know when she’s taking on too much. Her compassionate nature extends to herself as well as others.

12. They Keep Ethical Qualities in Both Business and Relationships

Emotionally intelligent women have mastered how to keep their moral compass in the corporate world and their personal life. They know how to control their conduct and treat each person with kindness regardless of their beliefs or views.

13. They’ve Mastered How to Read People

Reading people is an art form, and the intelligent gal can do it quickly. She knows to look for specific phrases they use, a particular look on their face, or Body language.

You can never just focus on the speech pattern alone, as some folks can say the best things with a scowl on their face and hate in their heart. No matter, she won’t let the fakery get by her.

14. They Remain Positive

It’s effortless for emotionally intelligent women to stay positive as they’ve learned how to silence the negative self-talk that tries to overwhelm them. Instead, they take the time to see why they might be feeling these negative emotions rather than giving in to these overwhelming feelings.

15. They Maintain Motivation from Within

This lady doesn’t need a pep talk from her man or someone to light a fire under her to get her going. Men love that she is focused and driven and has learned to enjoy the process along the way. She understands that the process will bring growth, and the best part of the journey isn’t always winning but the lessons you learn along the way.

16. Emotionally Intelligent Women Welcome Change and New Experiences

Why do people fear change so much? Naturally, people fear the things they cannot control, and you have no way to predict the outcome during change. However, those with emotional intelligence don’t fear such shifts as they know that if they want to grow and have the best life, they must pursue good opportunities.

17. They Embrace Their Progress and Know They’re Not Perfection

A woman needs to accept herself for who she is before she can love someone else. A man is very attracted to the compassionate and warm personality towards others and herself. She knows she won’t be perfect, and she’s okay with knowing she’s a fallible human.
18. They Express Themselves Assertively and Not Aggressively

Being emotionally intelligent means this lady has mastered the difference between assertive and aggressive. Assertive people know how to advocate for their rights respectfully. While an aggressive person is vastly different because they don’t have the assertive individual’s calm control.

You don’t have to be domineering to ensure people stay within your boundaries. According to an article in Personal Development Master, an assertive person tries to avoid any altercations or resistance, while an aggressive person embraces it. It helps that she’s open-minded when it comes to conflict resolution.

19. Emotionally Intelligent Women Are Empathetic

Since this lady is so in touch with her emotions, it’s effortless for her to relate to others. She also can read people, so she uses these emotional cues to see the hurt. A man loves that a woman can understand what’s going on in his mind, and he doesn’t even have to open his mouth.

20. They’re Receptive to Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is hard for even the strongest person to take, but this lady knows that it’s what’s necessary for growth. While no one likes to hear how they can make things better, she knows this isn’t a personal attack. She embraces people who take time and effort to help her become a better version of herself.
Final Thoughts on Why Men Prefer Emotionally Intelligent Women

After looking through this list, it’s easy to see why men are attracted to emotionally intelligent women. When you’re looking for someone to have a long-term relationship with, you want them to be intelligent, assertive, compassionate, and have empathy toward others. Anyone who displays just a few of these characteristics is a breath of fresh air and worth investing time in.

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