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5 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Don’t Like

In simple terms, here are five things some women may not like that some men do in the bedroom:

1. Ignoring Her Feelings.

When a man doesn’t pay attention to how a woman feels or what she wants during intimate moments, it can make her unhappy.

2. Skipping Foreplay.

Some men rush into sex without spending time on kissing and touching, which many women enjoy. Skipping this can be disappointing for them.

3. Being Selfish.

If a man only thinks about his own pleasure and doesn’t care about what the woman wants, it can be frustrating and unsatisfying for her.

4. Not Asking for Consent.

It’s essential to make sure both people agree to what’s happening. If a man doesn’t ask or ignores a woman’s wishes, it’s not okay.

5. Not Paying Attention.

If a man doesn’t notice how a woman is feeling or what she likes and dislikes, it can lead to a less enjoyable experience for her.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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