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7 hot tips on how to make a girl squirt

If you have watched porn, you have probably come across a porn actress squirting like no man’s business. This may make you wonder about how to make a girl squirt. Squirting is majorly under-researched, according to Lola Jean, a sex educator and self-proclaimed Olympic Squiter”. There is a lot of misinformation about the sex act, not only from prudish individuals but from sex lovers as well. For instance, many believe girls squirt urine simply because the act comes from the same urethra. However, studies have shown that it is not true...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

It’s understandable that people might think it’s urine, since it comes from the same hole,” porn actress, Jiz Lee, who contributed a section of Girl Sex 101, says. “While it’s true that people can urinate during sex, [ejaculate] is a different fluid with a different chemical makeup.”

“Squirting is when a person with a vulva releases a fluid from the urethra or vulva area in response to sexual stimulation. Although there is ongoing debate about the exact components of squirt, studies have found it can contain similar components as found in urine and semen.”

In other words, squirting is a form of female ejaculation, whereby a whiteish or clear fluid is released from the vulva during sexual pleasure or orgasm. It can come out in a variety of volumes like in a squirt, gush, or just a drip. Also, note that not all women squirt during sex. But it is an act that can be learned.

Now that you know what squirting means, let us go ahead and discuss how to make a girl squirt.

Prepare your mindset

First, you need to ditch any expectations you may have about squirting. Do not just assume that it is going to be the same that you saw in that porn your watched last night. Girls are different. So, also is their response to sex. Also, do not make the mistake of assuming you can force a girl to squirt with your “manpower”. You will just be fooling yourself. Instead, think of it as enabling her to have the experience.

Prepare your body and environment

Squirting can be a messy affair. So, it is best to be prepared for it. Yes, indeed, the best sex experience is often when it is spontaneous. Sometimes, it is okay to be intentional about it, especially when you are thinking about your health. First, make sure you are hydrated by taking plenty of water. Wash your hands and trim your fingernails as there is going to be some fingering down there. You can protect your sheets from the mess by laying a towel over it to contain the squirt, especially if there will be loads of it.


The main reason for ditching some expectations is to help you and your partner relax. Squirting generally requires releasing, so you need to be relaxed to encourage that release. Help your girl to feel safe around you. Let her understand that she is beautiful the way she is and you do not expect her to do beyond her power. Also, do not feel any pressure to perform. Understand that there is no trophy for the best sex in the world. So, relax, have fun and leave the rest.

Get her in the mood
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This means getting her aroused. “Arousal will not only engorge the perennial sponge and the urethral sponge making them more receptive to touch, but it will also help build up fluids in the Bartholin’s glands (largely responsible for vaginal lubrication) and paraurethral glands (largely responsible for urethral lubrication),” Jean explains.

Foreplay is very important here. There are several foreplays you can try that can arouse her. It can be through kissing, dirty talk, digital clitoral stimulation, oral sex, nipple play, role play, porn, sex toys, spanking and so on. When you arouse a girl, her vagina naturally gets wet, the clitoris and labia swell and get darker, and everything becomes more sensitive, paving the way to squirting during orgasm.

Find the G-spot

Once you and your partner are properly aroused, the next stage is to find and stimulate her G-spot. The G-spot is the front wall of the vagina or an area inside the vagina that gives a woman maximum sexual pleasure when stimulated. “You will know you found the spot because it changes texture and feels more ‘rubbery’ when you are aroused,” Katherine Zagone, N.D., medical director and a sexual wellness expert at Gentera, says. One of the best ways to find a G-spot is to use sex toys or lubricants. They help in keeping the area wet and slippery. Meanwhile, water-based lubes are the best.

Control the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor plays an important role in squirting. Your partner can bear down her pelvic floor during G-spot stimulation. She can alternately squeeze and bear down around your fingers. Controlling the pelvic floor will help her know when to hold on or simply let go.

Know the best sex positions for squirting

There are several sex positions you can try to encourage squirting. Cowgirl, doggy style, butterfly queening, etc are some of the best sex positions for squirting. Sometimes, a small change in the sex positions can stimulate all the squirting.
Bottom line

Squirting is not compulsory to achieve orgasm. You may not get in the first attempt and even the hundredth and that would still be okay. The important thing is you are having fun and sexually bonding well with your partner. So, do not put yourself and your partner under any unnecessary pressure. Just do you and you will be fine.

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