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8 signs someone is a low quality person, according to psychology

The line can be thin when it comes to identifying a quality person. It isn’t about their job, the clothes they wear or the car they drive...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

It’s about their character, their values, and how they treat others. And psychology suggests there are certain traits that can give away a low-quality person.

In this article, I’m going to share 8 clear signs that someone might not be as great as they first appear.

So buckle up and let’s dive into the fascinating world of human behavior to help you spot the signs of a low quality person!
1) They always play the victim

We all face challenges and obstacles in life. It’s how we respond to these bumps on the road that shapes our character.

A person of low quality, according to psychology, often portrays themselves as a perpetual victim.

Everything that goes wrong in their life is someone else’s fault, never theirs.

This is called external locus of control; a belief that external forces, rather than personal actions, dictate the outcomes of their life.

It’s a way of avoiding responsibility for their actions and circumstances.

Always blaming others or the universe for their misfortunes can be a telltale sign of a low-quality person.

Remember, it’s important to separate those who are genuinely struggling from those who are using their problems as an excuse not to take responsibility. Discernment is key.
2) They’re quick to judge

Here’s something I’ve observed in my own life – people who are quick to judge others reveal more about their own character than the person they’re criticizing.

A few years back, I had a friend who was always quick to point out flaws in others.

Whether it was someone’s fashion choices, their job, or even their taste in music, she had something negative to say.

According to psychology, this can be a sign of a low-quality person.

It’s called projection – a defense mechanism where someone attributes their own undesirable feelings or traits onto others.

It soon became clear that her criticism was more a reflection of her own insecurities and dissatisfaction with her life.

This constant negativity was draining and eventually led to distance in our friendship.

Quality individuals focus on improving themselves rather than belittling others.

They understand that everyone has their own unique journey and respect that.
3) They lack empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It’s what allows us to connect with people on a deeper level.

However, some people struggle with this essential trait.

This is also often associated with narcissistic personalities and other antisocial behaviors.

In fact, studies found that individuals who display low empathy levels tend to have higher levels of narcissistic traits, such as a sense of entitlement and exploitativeness.

If you come across someone who consistently fails to show understanding or compassion for others, it could be a sign of a low-quality person.

Strong relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding, something that requires empathy.
4) They’re unreliable

Theyre unreliable 8 signs someone is a low quality person, according to psychology

Reliability is a cornerstone of strong relationships.

We all want to surround ourselves with people who keep their promises and follow through on their commitments.

However, a sure sign of a low-quality person is consistent unreliability.

They’re always late, often cancel plans at the last minute, and rarely do what they say they will.

This behavior can be incredibly frustrating and hurtful. It shows a lack of respect for other people’s time and feelings.

So, if you constantly find yourself waiting on someone or constantly being disappointed by broken promises, this could be a sign that this person lacks the necessary qualities to build a strong, respectful relationship.
5) They don’t respect boundaries

Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. They help us communicate our needs, desires, and limits to others.

However, some people have a hard time understanding and respecting these boundaries.

They may constantly pry into your personal life, ignore your requests for space, or consistently cross lines that make you uncomfortable.

This lack of respect for personal boundaries can be emotionally draining and deeply upsetting.

It displays a disregard for your feelings and well-being.

When you find yourself constantly having to enforce your boundaries with someone, it might be a sign that they are not the quality person you deserve in your life. Remember, it’s okay to prioritize your own mental and emotional well-being.

You are allowed to distance yourself from people who fail to respect your boundaries.
6) They’re always negative

Negativity can be incredibly draining. I’ve learned this the hard way.

In my early twenties, I had a coworker who always had a negative comment or complaint about everything – be it the tasks at work, our colleagues, or even the weather.

His constant negativity started affecting my mood and outlook.

People who are persistently negative often struggle with their own personal issues and project this negativity onto others as a coping mechanism.

Being around such constant negativity can impact your own mental health and happiness.

It’s important to surround yourself with positive influences that uplift you rather than drag you down.

So, a person who is always negative, complaining, and pessimistic could be a low-quality person impacting your life negatively.
7) They’re manipulative

Manipulation is a clear sign of a low-quality person.

Manipulative people twist words, situations, and actions to their advantage.

They often use guilt, fear, and obligation to control others and get what they want.

This behavior is not only damaging to the person being manipulated but also reveals a lack of integrity and respect on the part of the manipulator.

It’s important to recognize these signs and protect yourself from such toxic behavior.

Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, honesty, and open communication, not manipulation.

If you’re dealing with someone who consistently tries to manipulate you or others, it might be time to reconsider their place in your life.
8) They lack personal growth

The most revealing sign of a low-quality person is their lack of personal growth.

Life is a journey of constant learning and self-improvement.

However, some people remain stagnant, refusing to evolve or learn from their mistakes.

This refusal to grow can be due to fear, laziness, or simply a lack of ambition.

But whatever the reason, it’s a clear sign that this person may not be the best influence in your life.

Personal growth is not just about becoming better.

It’s about recognizing our mistakes, learning from them, and striving to become the best version of ourselves.

Those who reject this vital aspect of life often end up being stuck in their ways, which can be detrimental to those around them.
Final thoughts: It’s all about respect

At the heart of every quality person, there’s a profound sense of respect – respect for others, for boundaries, for differing opinions, and for themselves.

A fascinating study published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that individuals who display respect towards others tend to have higher self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

Being aware of the signs of a low-quality person not only helps us make better choices about who we let into our lives but also allows us to reflect on our own behaviors and growth.

Nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and areas where we need to grow.

But the willingness to acknowledge these areas and strive for improvement is what separates a quality person from a low-quality one.

As we navigate through life, let’s strive to be individuals who spread positivity, show empathy, uphold commitments, respect boundaries, and continuously seek personal growth.

After all, we are all works in progress.

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