A HISTORY YOU MUST NOT MISS: Meet The Only Man Who Was Buried In The Moon And Why He Was Buried There

Scientists frequently conduct a wide array of experiments and research projects, both on Earth and in the vastness of space. While many have ventured to the moon, it’s worth noting that only Eugene Shoemaker, known by his name Eugene Shoemaker, rests on its lunar surface.

This distinguished scientist, a geologist and a key figure in the field of planetary science, contributed to the Lunar Ranger mission. During this mission, he explored the moon’s fascinating array of impact craters and played a vital role in training American astronauts.

Despite his dreams of walking on the moon, Shoemaker could only observe it from a distance. He aspired to be part of the Apollo Moon missions and indeed had the distinction of being the first geologist to potentially set foot on the moon. Unfortunately, he was never selected due to medical concerns, specifically Addison’s disease, an adrenal gland ailment.

Shoemaker made substantial contributions to various American space operations, including the Apollo lunar missions, where he imparted his knowledge about craters to the Apollo astronauts. His quest to uncover buried impact craters across the planet spanned many years. Regrettably, a vehicular accident claimed his life. Just before his passing, he revealed that his unfulfilled desire in life was to physically impact the moon with his hammer.

Following his demise, Shoemaker’s remains were cremated, and three years later, they embarked on a unique journey to the moon aboard the Lunar Prospector’s space mission. Encased in a polycarbonate capsule, his ashes were sent to the lunar surface, with his birth and death dates inscribed on it.

The spacecraft was intentionally crashed on the moon’s surface, where Eugene Shoemaker’s remains now rest. His ashes were scattered toward the moon’s south pole, making him the sole individual to find his eternal resting place on the lunar landscape.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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