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ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO? Check Out 4 Animals That Mourn And Conduct Burials When A Member Of Their Family Or Partner Dies

Some individuals share your sorrow, even when you might not realize it. Numerous animals have been seen as symbols of human suffering. Here are a few examples:…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

1. Elephants.

Occasionally, elephants have been observed shedding tears, suggesting a deep understanding of death and the importance of burial. Experts have witnessed elephants displaying signs of empathy. In some instances, they have been seen attempting to save their deceased companions, grabbing sticks and emitting mournful sounds. This kind of mourning is not limited to those who knew the deceased personally.

2. Monkeys.

Various monkey species show remarkable care for their deceased relatives, spending days tending to their bodies. Like humans, monkeys come together in times of loss, seeking comfort in each other’s embrace. Some grieving individuals even stop eating, despite their obvious hunger.

3. Dolphins.

Aquatic creatures, such as dolphins, experience grief when a companion passes away. There have been multiple reports of dolphins guarding their deceased counterparts. Researchers believe that dolphins’ capacity for sadness may be linked to their tendency to congregate in areas frequented by other dolphin families.

4. Giraffes.

Giraffes, like humans, offer support to a dying giraffe by placing their necks on it. In a social context, giraffes find strength in consoling those who have faced similar hardships...CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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