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Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles has reflected on her daughter’s tireless work ethic with the arrival of her Renaissance film to rave reviews...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Knowles took to Instagram on Saturday (December 2) to salute Bey’s movie and post about the 100 percent approval rating she received from Rotten Tomatoes‘ reviews.

In her caption, Tina revealed that the music deity was in the studio 24 hours per day in the last month leading up to the film’s release, perfecting every element of the blockbuster while sometimes sleeping there.

“Last one about the Rotten Tomatoes! Just saw this !! When you see how hard someone works and all the sacrifices they make because for the last month my child was in a studio almost 24 hours a day I was with her most of that time sleeping in the studio,” she wrote. “She only went to take her kids to school to shower and come back.”

The elder Knowles continued: “There are only a few people that understand how hard she works ! how she works on every single thing that goes out in a movie or a video or a tour . #that is why I ride so hard for her !!! She deserves every alccolade that she gets.”

The heartfelt post received a ton of love in the comment section including from the likes of D Nice and Tamar Braxton.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé is slated to bring in between $22 and $24 million at domestic box offices during its opening weekend.

The blockbuster also opened up overseas and is reportedly tracking to take in another $20 million to bring the opening weekend global box office projections over $40 million.

The concert film was written, co-directed and executive produced by Beyoncé, who wore many additional hats throughout the creative process bringing the movie to fruition.

Just hours after the Grammy-winner premiered the film in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday night (November 30), she dropped a surprise track titled “My House,” which plays during the end credits on streaming services.

The song is co-produced and co-written by The-Dream and continues the dance/house music theme present on her latest album, also titled Renaissance.

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