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Black Voter Sends a Warning to all Americans Claims to be Betrayed Few Hours After Trump’s Meeting

A local business owner in Atlanta is expressing feelings of betrayal and anger following a campaign event held by former President Donald Trump’s campaign at his establishment...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Rocky, the owner of a barbershop where Trump held a campaign stop sent a stark warning to Americans in business, telling them to be extra careful during this campaign season. He noted that he was blindsided by the true nature of the gathering.

According to the video posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024, the event in question took place at Rocky’s barbershop, which has been a staple in the community for years. According to Rocky, he was approached by Trump’s team with an offer to host an event but was never informed that it would be political in nature.

“There was never any mention this was a political event,” Rocky stated. He initially agreed to the arrangement, not knowing the true purpose behind it.

Now, Rocky is speaking out about how he feels deceived by the Trump campaign. “I feel like I’ve been betrayed,” he said in an emotional interview with Rachel, a reporter from Atlanta News First.

He explained that he never would have agreed to host the event if he had known it was a political rally.

Rocky emphasized that he does not want his business to be associated with any political figures or campaigns, preferring to keep his barbershop a neutral and welcoming space for all customers.

Efforts to reach the Trump campaign for a comment on this issue have so far been unsuccessful.

The campaign has not responded to media inquiries regarding Rocky’s claims or his desire to return the money he was paid for hosting the event. The silence from Trump’s team only adds to the frustration and sense of betrayal felt by Rocky.

Rocky is now using his experience to warn other business owners as the campaign season heats up. He advises them to be vigilant and to thoroughly vet any requests to use their premises for events, especially if there is any chance the event could be political.

I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did,” he said. Rocky’s story is a cautionary tale about the importance of transparency and honesty in business dealings, particularly when it comes to political activities.

The local community has shown support for Rocky, with many expressing outrage over the way he was treated.

Some have called for greater accountability from political campaigns, arguing that business owners should never be put in a position where they are unknowingly drawn into political controversies.

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