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BREAKING: Chef Smith was sleeping with his niece and people’s wives in kitchen and bathrooms at his former workplace — Co-worker exposes

Chef Smith is trending again on the media for the wrong reasons after a young lady parading herself as his former co-worker made several allegations against him via a live Facebook session Ghlagatin.net has monitored....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

In the live Facebook session, the unknown lady disclosed the other side of Chef Smith, noting that the cunning cook at his former place was taking advantage of his female colleagues, sleeping with almost all of them at the slightest opportunity he gets.

The lady also disclosed how the chef was sleeping with other men’s wives at any given place he deems fit, citing kitchens and washrooms as key places he mostly commit these atrocities.

According to the lady, it got to a point where the chef was forced by authorities of his former workplace not to mingle or have a relationship with any of his co-workers.

She went on to make further interesting allegations which has sparked rumours on social media.

Watch her speak in the video HERE.

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