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BREAKING: I Slept With My Mother, Ate Menstrual Drops of Blood But Still Could Not Enjoy my Money — Repented Ritualist

A young repented Ghanaian young man who was a ritualist but now claims has quit has recounted how he went into money rituals but couldn’t enjoy any of them he made...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

In an exclusive interview with Kofi TV, the young man mentioned the rules he was given during the ritual process, stating that he was instructed to sleep with his mother, pick and eat pads from dustbins.

After going through all these hard rules, the young man said he started making money but could make spend any on himself.

According to him, he could use the money for donations, help the needy and send people abroad but could not spend on himself.

Anytime he goes to the bank to withdraw money, the young man said he would be told that his account is empty.

Watch his video below to know more;

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