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BREAKING: Lady Who Visited Shrine to Tie Her Rich Boyfriend With Juju Loses Her Memory Instantly After Allowing The Fetish Priest to Sleep With Her

A young Ghanaian lady has shared a harrowing tale on the “Confession” show with Prophet Elisha Prince Osei Kofi, revealing a series of tragic events linked to her past actions...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The anonymous lady explained that her attractive appearance attracted a wealthy and influential man who provided for her every need. As their relationship deepened, she grew anxious about the possibility of losing him to another woman. Seeking a solution, she turned to a friend for advice.

Her friend suggested seeking spiritual help, leading them to a fetish priest in Northern Ghana. The priest agreed to assist her on the condition that she sleep with him and allow him to perform a ritual to ensure her partner’s fidelity. Initially hesitant, she was eventually persuaded by her friend and agreed to the priest’s terms.

Following the encounter, the woman experienced memory loss, forgetting not only her lover but also her way back home. She spent two years living with the fetish priest, during which she bore him two children. One day, her memory returned, and she managed to find her way back.

Shortly after, the priest warned her that if she did not return to him, any man who attempted to settle with her would face dire consequences. Skeptical at first, she was horrified as nine men who pursued her subsequently suffered tragic fates: five died in accidents, two went mad, and two vanished without a trace.

In desperation, she sought help from a pastor, who advised her to apologize to the priest. However, upon reaching the priest’s home, they discovered he had died. Adding to her distress, she found out that her best friend, who had led her to the priest, had married the man she once hoped to secure.

Heartbroken and confused, the woman pleaded with Prophet Elisha Prince Osei Kofi for guidance on how to regain her freedom and sanity.

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