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BREAKING NEWS: Benue State, Moro fires back at Alia, Onjeh, insists on motion for stoppage of funds for undemocratic councils

Senate Minority Leader, Abba Moro, has insisted that it is illegal to release statutory federation allocations to local governments with undemocratic structures in Benue and other states amid an avalanche of attacks on him by the Benue State government and the All Progressives Congress (APC) Benue South senatorial candidate, Comrade Daniel Onjeh...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Moro described the attack on him as baseless, as he moved the motion to strengthen democracy at the third tier of government that was emasculated by the sacking of democratically elected chairmen in Benue State.

In a statement by the Media Adviser to the Senate Minority Leader, Mr Emmanuel Eche-Ofun, said Senator Moro is a democrat and a patriotic citizen, threading the path of justice and wanting the right thing to be done.

He said the constitution recognises the local government as a vital element of the government of the federation that must be administered democratically.

Eche-Ofun said the unconstitutional method being applied by the Benue state government to administer the local councils is unacceptable, which is why the motion was overwhelmingly supported by all the senators, including those from the APC fold.

According to him, Senator Moro, as a former council chairman, understands the importance of an effective and productive local government system, being the tier of government that’s closest to the people.

Eche-Ofun added that Moro will continue to pursue reforms that will help strengthen democracy and attract development at the grassroots.

“Senator Moro is pro-people, as evident in his efforts throughout his public life, and the motion in question was not moved to get at the governor or protect any self-interests.”

Eche-Ofun said the essence of the motion was to sanitise our political space, enforce the rule of law, and deepen our democracy.

He said Governor Alia and keen observers of the politics and government of Benue State know that Senator Abba Moro has been very supportive of the Fr. Alia-led government, so he has nothing against anybody.

Eche-Ofun advised Governor Alia and Onjeh to put aside party sentiment and personal interests and support the cause of democracy that Senator Abba Moro is trying to engender in our society.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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