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BREAKING NEWS: Lagos-Based Businessman On The Run After Beating His Wife To Death

Authorities are in pursuit of Stephen Okafor, a Lagos-based businessman accused of the tragic death of his wife, Blessing Uche, following a violent altercation in the Isolo area. The couple’s tumultuous 12-year marriage, marred by infertility struggles, reportedly culminated in a fatal incident that has shocked the community...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Accounts from sources close to the family reveal a disturbing narrative of domestic abuse, with Okafor allegedly inflicting both physical and emotional harm on his wife amidst their fertility challenges. The situation escalated on February 20, 2024, when Okafor purportedly unleashed a fatal assault on Uche at their residence in Iya Karia estate.

In a grim turn of events, Okafor, upon realizing the gravity of his actions, rushed his wife to a local hospital in Isolo, where medical personnel confirmed her tragic demise. Subsequently, he orchestrated the transportation of her body to her family home in Enugu via a chartered local ambulance.

However, upon arrival at the deceased’s family residence, the extent of Uche’s injuries became apparent, shocking her loved ones and prompting swift legal action against Okafor. Despite efforts to apprehend him, Okafor remains at large, evading authorities and exacerbating the anguish of Uche’s grieving family.

In a significant development, the ambulance driver involved in transporting the deceased has been apprehended, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation. Legal proceedings have been initiated against Okafor, with a petition lodged at Panti, Yaba, underscoring the gravity of the allegations against him.

Stephen Okafor, known for his business in vehicle spare parts at Ladipo, stands accused of a heinous crime that has cast a shadow over the community. His wife, Blessing Uche, a respected trader at Trade Fair International Market, met a tragic end, her battered body serving as a poignant reminder of the pervasive threat of domestic violence.

A disturbing video obtained by authorities depicts Uche’s bruised form, a visceral testament to the brutality she endured in her final moments. As the search for justice continues, the case underscores the urgent need for heightened awareness and preventative measures to combat domestic violence and protect vulnerable individuals within society..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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