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BREAKING NEWS: Notorious Ritualist Digs Over 20 Graves At Night, Picks Bones And Skulls of Dead Bodies For His Rituals

Over 20 graves at the Sehwi Asawinso cemetery in the Western North region have been desecrated, allegedly by anotorious ritualist...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The ritualist exhumed bones and skulls of the dead bodies, leaving locals and chiefs in shock and outrage.

This shocking discovery was made earlier this week when visitors noticed that over graves graves have been left open with parts of the dead bodies missing inside them. Closer inspection revealed missing body parts and skeletons, fueling suspicions of ritualistic activities.

Abusuapanin Kofi Nkrumah expressed disappointment and shock, calling the act a gross disrespect to ancestors and the deceased.

He demanded immediate investigations to apprehend those responsible.

Queen Nana Hemaa Ama Kyiniwaa announced measures to restrict access to the cemetery, warning that violators will face punishment.

The community is united in condemning this sacrilegious act and seeking justice.

Below are some pictures taken from the strange scene;

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