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BREAKING NEWS: People left ‘mind blown’ after discovering what raisins are actually made from

We all enjoyed a packet of raisins as a lunchbox snack as kids, but do you know what they’re made from? Some people have only just found out – and it’s left them baffled..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Some people had no idea what raisins are made from

Raisins are a staple part of children’s lunchboxes, but it turns out many people don’t know how they’re made.

Almost all of us will have eaten raisins at some point in our lives. They’re often given to children in small boxes as part of their school-packed lunch, but they’re also a common feature in healthy breakfast meals like granola, and can be found in things like flapjacks and even as a chocolate-covered snack. But do you know how raisins are made? To some of us, it might seem obvious, but many people are only just finding out the truth – and it’s leaving them baffled.

We all know that raisins are a fruit. But some people are only just realising the reason why they’ve never seen a raisin that isn’t in its dried form. We can munch on dried and fresh apricots, so where are all the fresh raisins? Well, as many of us will have known already, raisins are the product you get when you dry out grapes.

Specifically, raisins are dried white Moscatel grapes, which is a type of grape that grows predominantly in the United States, Turkey, Australia, and Greece. While this fact might be obvious to some, you only have to take a look at X (formerly known as Twitter) to see some people who had absolutely no idea.

One person asked: “Am I the only dumb b***h that didn’t know raisins were grapes?,” while another posted: “Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know raisins are dried grapes. Please, I can’t be alone in this!” A third also wrote: “Dude, I didn’t know raisins were grapes. I’m so mind-blown right now.”

And it turns out that not even having a top university education can give you the lowdown on raisins, as one person said: “My husband didn’t know that raisins are dried grapes. He went to Oxford University. Excuse me while I never forget this moment.”

Raisins are different to other dried fruits such as currants and sultanas, however. You might find the small dried treats in a variety of different foods, such as scones and hot cross buns that often use currants, and they do look similar, but they all have their origins in different fruits.

Currants are made from dried dark red grapes known as the Black Corinth grape. The grapes were first grown in the south of Greece on the island of Zante, and the currants are sometimes known as Zante currants in the US. The name “currant” comes from the ancient city of Corinth, but some people call them other things such as Corinth raisins and Corinthian raisins. In the UK and Ireland, most people just call them currants.

Sultanas, meanwhile, come from white grapes like raisins do, but from seedless ones. They’re a golden colour and are usually much plumper and sweeter than other raisins. Sultanas are mostly produced in Turkey and are a staple part of many couscous and rice dishes....CONTINUE.FULL READING>>>

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