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Children receive Christmas gifts from Bristol, Va. volunteers

On Christmas Eve morning, the Bristol, Virginia Police Department participated in its third annual toy distribution, this year sponsored by Universal Threads and Northstar Baptist Church...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

“We’re going to go into low-income housing and we’re going to hand out toys to kids,” said Lucretia Scott, purchasing manager for Universal Threads.

Volunteers from other local departments and members of the Bristol community traveled in a caravan of emergency vehicles and marked cars, spreading Christmas joy.

It just warms my heart being able to see all the kids excited about something like this,” said Bristol, Virginia resident Alison Trautwein.

This event didn’t come together in one day.

“This takes months and months of preparation,” Scott said. “We buy toys, and we do all this stuff to give to the community.”

Children of all ages received multiple gifts, ones that will make Christmas easier for their families.

“Those kids around here that can’t have Christmas,” Trautwein said. “And this helps the parents a lot with getting Christmas gifts and the kids actually being able to receive Christmas gifts.”

For those who are giving this Christmas season, they said the smile on the faces of those they are serving makes it all worth it.

“Knowing that you touched one person’s life,” Scott said. “You could give to 100, but just because you touched one kid that may not have something for Christmas and you were able to do that, that’s all worth it.”

The event will happen on the same day and time next year.

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