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Dangers of sleeping with your phone under the pillow

Ever fall asleep while Insta-scrolling on your smartphone—or deliberately leave it on your bed while you snooze? You’re not alone: 44% of cell phone holders have snoozed with their phone next to their bed to make sure they didn’t miss any important calls or texts, according to the Pew Internet Project. But while you may have good intentions, snuggling up to your phone could be dangerous to your health..READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Place the phone several feet away from your bed if you’re not going to switch it off.

It has become a trend, particularly for young people to sleep with their phones next to them. And most times, beneath the cushion, seems to be the ideal spot to keep the phone as it makes it easy to reach when it rings.

Nonetheless, what is different to a lot of people is that sleeping with your phone close to you can be dangerous to your health.

1. You could set your pillow on fire

the phone’s instruction manual warns against using different cell phone batteries and chargers. The manual also notes that there’s a risk of a fire if the appliance is covered by bedding or other thick material. Bottom line: Stick to phone appliances from the original manufacturer, and don’t leave your cell on your bed.

2. Sleep deprivation effects:

Phones can lessen our sleep quality and quantity with vibrations, effects of late screen exposure, and electromagnetic radiation. Sleep being a vital part of your health, sleep deprivation or lessened sleep abundance and quality is terrible for your overall health. Sleep disruption through your phone or any gadget is especially bad because of how it affects our body’s sleep cycle with small-term effects. Although it may seem like a calming pattern to scroll through the news, social media, and work emails, screen exposure within one hour of going to bed extensively impacts your sleep quality. You’re more prone to waking up having a headache or feeling groggy when you’ve fallen asleep with your phone by your pillow.

3. Cancer Research UK said it was “very unlikely” that dozing with phones could lead to cancer, but more investigation is wanted.

It’s very unlikely that sleeping with mobile phones could improve the risk of cancer from the information we have so far,” said Carl Alexander from Cancer Research UK.

“But as mobile phones are still a moderately new technology research is continuing to survey for any effects over time.”

OTHER IMPACTS: Studies also say that mobile phone radiation is linked to erectile dysfunction. It can impact your productive system and can decrease sperm count and mobility. The blue light radiating from your cell phone can also impede the creation of a sleep-inducing hormone, which is also referred to as melatonin. This disrupts circadian rhythms (body clock) and we might experience difficulty in sleeping. This is because of the reason that blue light emits wavelengths that are related to daylight and makes our understanding think that it’s still daytime..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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