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“Detty December” – Man stuns many as he breaks his piggy bank after 1 year of saving, unveils staggering amount of money

A Kenyan man has captured the attention of many online by breaking open his piggy bank after 1 year of saving, unveiling a substantial collection of KSh 1000 and KSh 500 notes....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

The video, which has been widely shared on social media, has sparked a trend among Kenyans eager to showcase their year-long savings.

The man whose identity remains undisclosed took to the trend initiated by many Kenyans who have been proudly displaying their accumulated savings for the entire year.

"Detty December" - Man stuns many as he breaks his piggy bank after 1 year of saving, unveils staggering amount of money
Shared by @mpashogram, the video documents the man’s approach as he uses a knife to break open the sealed ends of his wooden savings bank.

Once successful, he dramatically empties the contents onto the carpet, leaving viewers stunned.

While the man did not disclose the total amount saved, the video has inspired a wave of reactions on social media.

The video also showed another lady breaking a plastic bottle to access the coins that she had been saving for the entire year.

Netizens Reactions…

@_kamakia_ said; “Angeweka na location tukuje kumcongratulate.”

@mutuandunguuwinnie said; “Wueh! Halafu tuambiwe hatuna saving culture.”

@_.musyimi said; “Wacha mimi ningoje Njaanuary.”

@denzelle_44_ said; “Mm sijui kusave hivo ningekua nangalia kila wakati, ikifika thao natoka woooiii.”

@ricky_eryko said; “Mimi kitu yenye nimesave hii mwaka ni memes tu.”

@mashprokki said; “Ntaanza next year uzuri.”

@_abed_ke said; “You save to spend on December us we spend everyday.”

@omoshricky said; “His discipline.”

@mdawidatiki said; “Saving boxes; Simple initiative but really rewarding. Compounding must be the eighth wonder of the world. You can always have one with a padlock then issue the key to someone far flung.” 

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