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Dexter Perkins Obituary And Death: Michael Freund Arrested

Dexter Perkins obituary and death news has piqued the interest of people. He was a fantastic person whose life was characterized by commitment, empathy, and a significant influence on his family....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

In addition to his career achievements, he was praised for his generosity, guidance, and unfailing support of people in his vicinity.

His life was tragically cut short, leaving a grieving family and community behind. Let’s get into the article to know more about Dexter Perkins obituary and death news.

Dexter Perkins Obituary And Death News

The community is deeply grieving over the loss of Dexter Perkins obituary. Dexter Perkins obituary is a moving memorial to a life devoted to giving and serving others.

Recognizing his unrelenting devotion to the community’s betterment, the city joins in mutual sadness. He left behind a legacy that is ingrained and serves as a monument to a morally and kindly man.

His contributions to local government and economic development not only advanced the city but also had a lasting impact on the people he interacted with.The obituary serves as a reminder of the extraordinary person who devoted his life to the welfare of others, while the community comes together to celebrate his memory. Dexter Perkins was killed over a dispute about pizza and bar tab. So people are looking for justice for him. 

Michael Freund Arrested And Charged For Murder

In connection with the shooting death of Glen Ellyn resident Dexter Perkins, 37, an Aurora man has been charged with first-degree murder.

Michael Freund, 49, is charged with killing Perkins on Friday morning in unincorporated Wheaton outside Rosie O’Reilly’s bar after an altercation that allegedly began over a bar tab and pizza.

At approximately 8:40 a.m., police were summoned to the bar located at 0N131 Gary Ave. due to a complaint of gunfire. Perkins was dead when they arrived at the site.

Prosecutors claim that Perkins got into a “scuffle” with another guy outside the bar.

Two men can be seen arguing and perhaps fighting with each other on the front terrace outside of Rosie O’Reilly’s in a video that was shared with Patch.

The two are told to “stop” by a third man, who seems to be Freund, who then fires two bullets into the air with what looks to be a revolver.

Unaware of the three men, Perkins “began to get aggressive” with them as he bought drinks for everyone in the pub.

Prosecutors alleged that Perkins brought the pizza that Freund and his colleagues had ordered to his seat at the bar.

After that, Freund and his colleagues exited the bar to go get a pistol out of Freund’s vehicle.

Upon entering the pub again, Perkins and the other three men proceeded outside onto the deck, where Perkins got into a fight with one of the other men that even involved dancing at one point.

According to court filings, Freund ordered the two males to cease fighting after firing two warning rounds into the air from a 9 mm handgun during the altercation.

Following the warning shots, Perkins moved to confront the other man. According to the authorities, Freund then opened fire, striking Perkins in the face and torso.

Prosecutors claim in a court document that Freund shot Perkins nine times, striking him at least three times in the body and once in the face.

According to the authorities, Freund then tucked his pistol under the center console of his truck. Freund said he was unarmed and that his gun was in his truck when the cops arrived.

A Ring doorbell recorded the sound of the eleven gunshots, and police were able to obtain video footage of the event from the bar.

According to court filings, a pub patron also recorded the sequence of events preceding the two warning shots on camera.

Freund’s next court date is January 18 for his arraignment.

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