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Five Parts of Your Body That Reveals Your Age to People Even If You Hide It

The human body is the structure of a human being . It is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues and subsequently organ systems . They ensure homeostasis and the viability of the human body. It comprises a head, neck , trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and fee...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Even though everybody wants to keep their ages within themselves, but some parts of our body tend to reveal our age no matter what we do. Here are five parts of your body that give way your age.

1. Hands

Hands are normally exposed to a lot including the sun. We should apply some sunscreen on the back of our hands and also some good lotion. Hands start ageing at 20 so it is recommended you begin applying the sunscreen and lotions early.

2. Lips

There are some fine lines around the lips that are brought about by repeated habits. Avoid using straws and drinking bottled water to reduce the chances of getting wrinkles on the area surrounding your lips.

3. Eyes

The wrinkles surrounding the skin on the eye area are caused by repeated habits such as smiling and squinting. Wearing some sunglasses to protect the skin and using sunscreen helps in reducing wrinkles around the eyes.

4. Neck

Applying sunscreen may at times not work for certain body parts. The skin on the neck usually drops because of large volume loss and laxity. This can be sorted with some skin tightening at the dermatologist.

5. Knees

There are no fats or muscles on the knees, hence the skin on the knee will sag and that might give people hint that you’re getting older.

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