Following Emeka Ike’s son’s tell-all, cybernauts dig out more incriminating ‘evidence’

Following the recent tell-all of popular actor Emeka Ike’s son Michael Ike, netizens have dug out an old interview where the movie star spoke on the best way to know if a man beats his wife...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

it would be recalled that Emeka Ike’s son, while speaking to Chude Jideonwo, made accusatory statements alleging that his father had indeed been abusive to his mother, Suzanne Emma.

In a 2016 interview with Television Continental (TVC), Emeka Ike had opined that the child is the best person to ask if one wants to know if a man beats his wife.

According to him, the man and his wife would always find it difficult to hide everything from their kids, especially when it is assault.

in the 2016 interview, Emeka Ike had said …

It’s better to ask a child if his father beats his mother, rather than lies on the social media. Only a child can truly state this because no matter how parents try, they can hardly hide everything especially assault from their children.

“But then women should stop living these kinds of lives. Too much freedom here and there, doesn’t mean you can’t be free but at least think of your home; stop thinking of social media because those things are like a mirage which will fall like a pack of cards.”

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