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FULL DETAILS: WHY AND HOW Pregnant Amotekun Operative Was  Brutalised By Her Husband For Being on Night Duty With Her Male Colleagues

A man, Salami Olayemi Afeez, has been accused of beating his wife, Kehinde Seun Aroyehun, an operative of Osun Security Network, codenamed Amotekun Corps, to stupor for allegedly joining his male colleagues on a night duty...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Kehinde alleged that her husband stormed the venue of an event where she was with her colleagues for a special night duty and started battering her, insinuating that she might be having an amorous relationship with the male security agents she was paired with.

According to the female officer who is attached to the Amotekun office in Osogbo, capital of the state, Afeez was assaulting her even when she was three months pregnant.

The woman was eventually delivered through a cesarean section.

She further explained that after she returned home from the official assignment, Afeez pounced on her again and used different sizes of shoes to hit her.

The victim disclosed that when she reported the assault to her mother, Deaconess Florence Aroyehun and she visited their house for intervention, Afeez slapped his mother-in-law.

“He (Afeez) came to meet me at a special duty at Oke Onitea recently and saw some of my male colleagues who were with me. Then, I was pregnant for about three months. He expressed displeasure at me being paired with men for night duty. He started beating me. Some boys playing ball in the area had to jump through a fence to rescue me from his hands. After doing that, he picked up his phone and called one of my bosses, saying he should beg me. My boss then asked that I should be taken to hospital for treatment,” she said.

Kehinde lamented that Afeez has refused to turn a new leaf as he kept on inflicting injuries on her at any slight provocation.

It was gathered that Afeez has been riding on the influence of his father, a popular politician in the state, to escape arrest and justice.

About a fortnight ago, Kehinde was hospitalised again after her husband, Afeez, allegedly beat her for taking N300 from his purse to buy beverages for their hungry child. She lamented that Afeez injured her at the spot that operation was done on her during her last childbirth.

I woke up that day and took N300 from his (Afeez) purse to buy a sachet of Milo for our child. Before then, we had not been on talking terms. He started beating me for removing his money. He said he wanted to kill me. I was screaming for help but there was no person to rescue me because it is a new site we just moved into. After, I called my mother and she came with our first born, Afeez slapped my mother with glasses on her face. I went to a chemist shop to get pain relief drugs. I went to my office to report the matter. Afeez, brought thugs and started attacking our officers. He also tore one of my colleagues’ clothes and feigned beating in order to cover up his illegal actions.

I was taken to the hospital because he injured me at the point I was operated upon last year March,” Kehinde narrated.

The Point gathered that Afeez allegedly hired some thugs to beat up his wife’s colleagues. Some of them sustained varying degrees of injuries and were hospitalised.

Some of the officers assaulted on June 27, 2024 included a woman, Jimon Taiwo Oluwajomiloju and two male officers, Adeoye Lateef and Arimoro Sunday.

It was learned that Afeez brought some police officers from Dugbe Police Station to arrest Lateef and Sunday. They were arraigned at an Osogbo Magistrate’s Court for alleged assault.

When contacted, a top official of Osun Amotekun who spoke under condition of anonymity confirmed the incidents, saying the arrested officers were later granted bail by the court.

He added that the management of the security agency was already working out a settlement with Afeez over the alleged domestic violence against his wife.

Meanwhile, efforts to contact Afeez were not successful as his telephone line was not connected.

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