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Ghosts Ending Explained: the Meaning Behind the Final Scene and the Names Alison Says

It was all about less being more, and not distracting from everything else going on, he says...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

“The trouble is is that what we have is the grand finale of the show. We have so much information to take in, you don’t want to be distracted by any kind of artifice. No matter how good the make-up is, you would be trying to sort of soak in this emotion and all the information on the screen, but you just can’t help yourself thinking ‘Oh, that’s a good job! They’ve done a good job there with her hair’, you just can’t help but do that. We wanted to see them from behind and see them reflected, and see them sort of in the mirror and in profiles, just to keep it classy. We don’t go full-on frontal, because we all felt like you get taken out of the story if that happens.”

The storytelling message they didn’t want to distract from, says Howick, is that even though the finale shows the ghosts making the generous decision to let Alison, Mike and new baby Mia start a new life together away from Button House, they remain a family.

I think the best sort of best way to describe it in our lives really is literally leaving home. So you know, if you’re parents, it’s sending your kids or waving your kids away to university, say, or leaving for university, because we don’t live with our families, you know. We visit them.”

A line that Howick was adamant had to stay in the flash-forward scene and be high enough up in the audio mix for fans to hear properly is the receptionist telling seventy-odd year old Alison and Mike that their “usual room” is ready for them. “So we know that’s where they go, that’s their place.”

For the last five years, the stately home in Guildford that stands in for Button House has been the Ghosts creators’ place. Every January to March, the gang have decamped to nearby and spent the winter months filming the show. It was a useful diversion at a bleak time of year, says Howick, who’ll miss spending time there with friends in the cast and crew, and walking his dogs in the grounds.

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