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“He Is Old And Don’t Know What He His Saying”- Popular Islamic Cleric Reacts To Veteran Actor Charles Olumo ‘Agbako’ After Claims Of Being The Father To Pasuma (SEE)

Jaqmal, an Islamic preacher, has replied to a recording of an interview in which legendary actor Charles Olumo, well known as Baba Agbako, claimed to be the biological father of famed Fuji artist Pasuma.

Jaqmal gave his opinion on the matter in a public speech addressing these issues, emphasizing the possible difficulties that might occur when a person achieves fame and notoriety.

Jaqmal emphasized that Baba Agbako had been quiet about his alleged fatherhood of Pasuma for many years, and his current confession may have been inspired by the difficulties that the musician has faced.

Jaqmal voiced doubts regarding the legitimacy of Baba Agbako’s allegations, noting the individual’s elderly age as a possible aspect to consider.

Jaqmal pointed out that interviewing elderly individuals, especially those over 100 years old, can sometimes lead to delusional statements, as their cognitive faculties may not function as accurately as they did in their youth.

He Said: “I watched a Update in which a man (Agbako) was interviewed, claiming to be the father of Pasuma. This man has kept silent for all these years and now says he’s the one who impregnated Pasuma’s mother.

Jaqmal questioned Baba Agbako’s choice to speak out, saying that one cause may be the rise of obstacles for Pasuma, which is normal when someone gets renowned…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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