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“He left his house uncompleted for 35 years just to make sure all 5 of us got education” – Man gets emotional as he recalls gifting late dad new car, money cake on birthday

Years ago, I found myself entangled with a married man who provided for me in ways I couldn’t achieve on my own. He openly expressed his love for his wife while stating that I served a distinct purpose in his life. As a young woman struggling to find my way, I leaned on his financial support for education, accommodation, and even personal expenses. However, a turning point came when an unexpected incident exposed the fragility of our arrangement...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

During a trip, a sneeze unintentionally disrupted a phone call with his wife, unravelling a series of troubles. His wife’s suspicion, fueled by the seemingly innocuous sneeze, strained their relationship. For a week, he ignored my calls, leaving me to contemplate life without his support. When he finally reached out, it was to mend the cracks in his marriage caused by our involvement. He admitted to the challenges he faced in maintaining both relationships and asked for my assistance in preserving his home.

A bus trip sermon added to my introspection, urging me to reflect on my choices. The preacher’s words resonated deeply, emphasizing the need to trust in God’s provision rather than relying on relationships that compromised my values. Filled with guilt, I decided to end the affair, despite the financial security it offered. The process of breaking free wasn’t easy.

Tears flowed as I confronted the preacher’s words echoing in my mind. Yet, determined to obey my newfound conviction, I sent a message expressing my decision to leave. Despite initial resistance from him, I stood firm, determined to escape the cycle of guilt and shame. His desperate attempts to bring me back included financial gestures, but I held my ground, understanding that my well-being depended on severing ties.

Although he remained a persistent presence in my life, attending my graduation and pursuing me during my national service, I resisted the allure of returning to that destructive lifestyle. This journey hasn’t been without challenges, but my commitment to overcoming this particular demon has brought a sense of redemption. As I navigate life post-side-chick status, I find strength in my decision to prioritize values over temporary comforts.…CONTINUE.FULL READING>>>

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