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How Nigerians who want to japa to UK can become British citizens

There are a number of ways that Nigerians can obtain British citizens even as some make efforts and plans to relocate...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

A lot of life opportunities abound for Nigerians who obtain British citizenship status.

British citizenship status is often the final step for people including Nigerians who wish to settle in the United Kingdom permanently.

Benefits of British citizenship

Holding British citizenship means that you will have full, unrestricted rights to reside in the UK forever.

You will also be able to work and study in the UK with no restrictions, be able to apply for a British passport and vote in elections and stand for public office.

In addition, you can travel to and from the UK without restrictions and spend unlimited time outside of the UK without losing your status.

As Nigeria allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship, you will be able to obtain British citizenship and apply for a British passport without surrendering your Nigerian citizenship or Nigerian passport.

There are a number of different ways to obtain British citizenship, bearing in mind the rigours of eligibility criteria.

Below are the main ways that Nigerians are able to become British citizens:


If you are a Nigerian or other national of the Commonwealth State, you can become a British citizenship through naturalisation.

Naturalisation is possible through indefinite leave to remain or through being the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen.

Being born in the UK:

Nigerian couples can relocate to the UK and give birth to children over there and make them automatic British citizens.

Having a British parent:

If you are a Nigerian that wants to relocate to the UK, and one of your parents is British, that has made you an automatic British citizen.

While it should be noted that there is no exhaustive list of routes to British citizenship, naturalisation remains a popular route for Nigerians and other foreigners.

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