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How To Get A Girl To Chase You – 7 Proven Ways

If you’re like most men in the world, then you might be struggling with thinking up ways of how to make a girl chase you. This is something that a lot of guys have struggled with since the dawn of romantic relationships. Who hasn’t developed a passionate interest in another person, right? Sometimes, that feeling of infatuation can also lead to feelings of helplessness. You might like someone and not have the skills or moves to go after them. It can be very disheartening...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

At least, it’s only disheartening until you realize that you do have what it takes to make these girls like you after all. It’s just a matter of you using the right moves and techniques to get her to chase after you. But what are those moves? We’ll get to those later on. For now, you just have to work on believing in yourself. You must develop the confidence and self-esteem that’s necessary for you to pursue a woman. Otherwise, you won’t come off as convincing, and it will all have been a waste.
Getting Her to Chase You

Again, the first thing you have to do is believe in yourself. There’s no way you can convince a girl to like you if you aren’t even confident in your capacities. So, you need to build up your self-esteem first. Then, you can employ some of the tips that will be highlighted in this article. Everything that’s written here is going to help you land the woman of your dreams.

It’s all about being able to establish that connection with another person. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what kind of job you have. If you have that connection, then you have everything that you need to build a foundation for a stable relationship. So, these tips are mostly geared towards you, establishing that connection and building on it. What are you waiting for? Now, you have what it takes to go after the girl of your dreams.
1. Be Friends with Her Friends

Try being friends with her friends. Insert yourself within her social circle. She is going to count on her friends for advice and perspective on her love life. So, if you present yourself as a worthy match early on, then that’s good. Her friends will be in your corner and will help back you up.
2. Allow Her to Feel Empowered

These days, women love to feel empowered. If you think that you can win a girl over by asserting your dominance over her, you would be mistaken. The modern woman is one who knows her place and her worth. So, convince her that you believe in her power, and she’ll take more notice of you.
3. Make Yourself Available But Not Needy

Allow her to see that you’re available, but not needy. She has to know that she has a window at getting romantically involved with you. But you have to do so in a way that doesn’t think you’re too needy.
4. Chip Away at Her Personality

Get to know her more. Ask her a lot of questions. It’s vital that she feels like you are taking a genuine interest in her life. This way, she will start to see that you’re not just about what’s on the surface.
5. Find Things that Connect the Two of You

Try to find ANYTHING that can connect the two of you. It can be through shared hobbies, music, movies, books, or whatnot. Again, it all starts with you establishing that connection. The more you can connect, the better your shot.
6. Show Her that You Have an Interesting Life of Your Own

It can’t just be all about her. You have to show her that you are a man of substance and passion as well. Convince her that you also have lots of exciting things going on in your life. Showcase the best aspects of your personality and character.
7. Be Direct with Your Feelings

Sometimes, girls respond to guys who just go after what they want. Don’t be too forward and overeager. But don’t be coy about it either. Be direct and upfront about your intentions. At the same time, make sure that she doesn’t feel like you’re forcing her into anything. She is likely to respect that about you.
Final Thoughts

Of course, you have a shot with that girl. You have a shot with anyone. Just try your best to play your cards right. In the end, if everything goes your way, then you’ll finally get to live a happy life full of love and fulfillment with an amazing girl. But none of that is ever going to happen unless you take that first step. You just have to be brave and confident enough to put yourself out there.

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