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“I wish your wife can go missing or drop dead” — Married man shares a message he receives from his side chic

Social media platform, X, has been left buzzing after a screenshot between a marriedman and his side chic surfaced on the app.

This is coming after several single women shared their experiences with married men trying to lure them into a relationship.

A twitter user, @Wizarab10, implored married men on the app to share stories of women chasing them despite being aware of their status.

Shortly after, he received a DM from one of the married men where he shared screenshots of his chats on WhatsApp with his side chic.

The young lady had texted him early in the morning, saying she was h0rny and needed him to fvck her.

The man immediately responded, letting her know his wife could see the message, but she didn’t care, wishing his wife could drop dead or go missing so she can fvck him for eternity.

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@dahtgirl_ajex said: This girl is wicked ooo. The man sef is stup!d….Them dey wish your wife deáth and you dey laugh. Godforbid

@ZitosaLaw wrote: Marriage doesn’t guarantee your husband or wife will be loyal to you.

@FPL_Bright said: omoo 😂funny enough, even if the wife drops dead, that man won’t still marry her 💀

@NobleBenz said: It’s okay if you decide to cheat or sleep with peoples partner. What is not okay is wishing them death or ill luck. Isn’t bad enough that you’re cheating with their partner? Know your boundaries. Hope this helps 💡.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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