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If Your Woman Does These 7 Things, LEAVE HER and save your life

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So guys, if your woman does the following things, know that she is not serious with you. Perhaps, she is string along because of the few benefits she gets from you.
#1. She Takes Her Time in Getting Back to You

When a woman loves you and wants to be with you, she answers your calls and responds to your messages.

Regardless of how busy she gets, she will always squeeze out a few seconds to say, “Hey honey, trust you are doing great; I’m quite busy right now, talk to you later.”

The more you go in life, the better you understand that nobody is too busy to talk to you. It’s all about how important you are to them.

But it’s understandable if she works in a quite sensitive environment when it’s almost impossible to take calls or have access to their mobile devices. I get it.

However, after sending her a message or missing your call, she should reach out to you within 24 hours. That is if you have a place in her heart.

But if she doesn’t reach out, it could be a red flag that you are just wasting your time with her. No woman ignores the message or calls of the man they love.

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Even if she is busy, she will always find a way to talk to you when she has a free moment.
#2. If She Cancels Plans Repeatedly

When a woman continuously cancels plans, you don’t need a soothsayer to know she is not interested in you.

When a woman is not interested in you, she always looks for an excuse to cancel the plans you made with her.

Trust me, guys, when a woman is interested in you, she will be eager to spend time with you, hang out with you, and find every opportunity to be with you.

Don’t feel bad; let her go. Find someone else who is genuinely interested in you and wants to spend quality time with you.

And when you find that person, they will seldom cancel plans they have with you, except it’s inevitable.
#3. She Calls You a Friend

Take it from me, when a woman introduces you to her friends and family as her friend, yet you guys are dating, it’s a red flag.

Well, don’t bother yourself. I know it’s heartbreaking, but leave her and find someone who will actually treat you as a lover.
#4. She Tells You She’s Not Ready for a Serious Relationship

When a woman tells you that she is not ready for a relationship, believe her. You don’t have to take it personally or prove a point that you are going to win her heart.

Regardless of how much you try to impress a lady, you can’t get the best of her once she is not ready for a serious relationship.

So, instead of spending time trying to convince her to be with you, find someone who’s ready and willing to be your partner. Trust me; you deserve to be happy in a relationship.
#5. You Always Have to Be the one to Initiate Contact

This is a serious red flag. Of course, some ladies may not want to reach out to you first because they don’t want to seem desperate. But this should only happen during the first few weeks of a relationship.

Again, they may be instances when a lady may deliberately not call you to see if you will call them back. They do this to ascertain your level of interest in them.

However, if she never initiates contact whenever you guys are having a conversation, you may want to have a second thought about that relationship.

Trust me; if a lady is into you, at some point, she will initiate contact and possibly bring up an interesting conversation.

But if she is not interested, she will NEVER initiate the contact. And if this is what you are currently experiencing in your relationship, you should move on and find yourself a woman who’s worth it.
#6. When You Escalate, She Goes Vague

When a woman is into you, she pays attention to everything you say. And if you compliment her, she will smile romantically.

But if she is always indifferent or cold whenever you compliment her beauty or any other good thing about her, it’s a sign that she is not into you. And the earlier you leave her, the better for you.

For instance, if you compliment her dress, she rubbishes you. And when you tell her how you want to take this relationship to the next level, she just laughs in your face.

The truth is, some girls may not want to be direct. That is because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

So, she would rather stylishly be sending you a secret message about their commitment to the relationship than tell you how they fell directly.

Just pay attention to her cues, and if you think she’s not interested in you, move on. It’s not that deep.
#7. She Reads Your Message on WhatsApp or Messenger Without Replying

If a lady reads your WhatsApp or Messenger message without responding, it goes a long way to tell you how she feels about it.

I get it; she may be busy and just read your message without responding immediately. But if she always reads your message without responding,you should be concerned.

The biggest red flag in a woman’s dictionary is when she ignores your messages without responding.

Just pay attention to her non-verbal cues because there’s a wealth of information in a woman’s body language.

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