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I’ll go for Lungu if he dares file his nominations in 2026 – Sensele

I’ll go for Lungu if he dares file his nominations in 2026 – SenseleBy Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone(The Mast)

I WILL go for Edgar Lungu in 2026 if he dares to file his nominations for presidential elections, says NDC faction vice-president Paul Sensele...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

However, Sensele argues that former president Lungu is not a threat to President Hakainde Hichilema.

Sensele, a former Livingstone district commissioner in the Michael Sata administration, told The Mast that Lungu should not have been allowed by the Constitutional Court to contest the 2021 elections.

If you look at the Constitution, of course it has now become like a Bible where people would read different verses to argue one point all because there seems to be some descrepancies in the supreme law of the land. But I agree with a Mr Michelo Chizombe who has argued in ConCourt that the ECZ violated Article 52 of the Constitution by accepting ECL’s nomination papers in 2021,” he said.

It is clear that Article 106(3) of the Constitution states that one sworn in twice is not eligible to contest the presidency. So I will ensure that Lungu does not get anywhere near filing in the 2026 nominations.”

Asked what he would do to stop the former head of state from filing in his nominations, Sensele said unlike the PF who were violent during their tenure in office “I will seek legal process to stop Lungu”.

I will drag the Electoral Commission of Zambia to court so as to stop ECL. I will make sure that the law bites in at least for the first time on ECL’s eligibility talk,” he said. “What I also want to tell Zambians is that ECL is not a threat to HH. He was not a threat in 2021 and now it would be worse, if God forbid that he finds himself on the ballot paper.”

Sensele praised Chizombe, a Lusaka businessman, for going to ConCourt to present his arguments against Lungu’s 2021 contesting of elections.

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