“I’m Not Asking for Too Much” – Actress Ini Edo Reveals Why She Is Still Single At 41

Ini Edo, renowned Nollywood actress and film producer, speaks candidly about her single situation at the age of 41...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

During an interview on Toke Makinwa’s podcast, Toke Moments, the actress said that she is still single because she wants to be with someone who genuinely loves her.

Ini Edo stressed that she is not looking for luxury in a partner, but rather someone who can give respect and safety.

She stated that a man’s capacity to supply protective energy as well as true respect is essential for her. While acknowledging the presence of love, Ini emphasized the difference between loving someone and being willing to commit to them.

For her, it goes beyond financial status and is more about one’s ability to navigate and handle life’s challenges. It is also worth noting that in an earlier interview, she addressed why men are afraid of successful women.

In her words;

I am still single because I just want somebody that would really love me. That’s all. I’m not asking for too much.

“Not like I don’t see love. Loving somebody and being loved are two different things. You can love someone but you are not ready to be committed. Maybe this is why I’m still single: I can’t be in a toxic relationship.

If you cannot give me that protective energy that allows me to respect you… I cannot be with a man that I don’t respect. If you cannot earn my respect, then we cannot be together. Because what’s the point?

“When it gets to the point when I start to disrespect you, that means you have brought yourself down to a point where I begin to talk back at you. Sometimes, it’s not even about having money. It’s about how you are able to love and manage situations and the people around you. Kindness!”.

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