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INTERVIEW: Why I dumped my law degree for bodyguarding – Kelvin Power, Kizz Daniel’s bodyguard

Not until recently, when a video of Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel’s recent song, ‘My G’, soon became a trend on Tiktok, little or nothing was known about the singer’s bodyguard, Kelvin Power, now an internet sensation.

His journey from obscurity to becoming a social media sensation, all while serving as the loyal bodyguard to Kizz Daniel, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Kelvin Power, in this exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, shares his childhood aspirations, bodyguarding experiences and how Kizz Daniel inspires him.


PT: You became famous after featuring in the Tiktok challenge for Kizz Daniel’s recent song, ‘My G.’ How does that make you feel?

Kelvin Power: It is an excellent opportunity for me, by the grace of God. To have a boss like Kizz Daniel is so rare. A boss that paves the way and gives a chance for somebody to share the spotlight with him; not every boss would share the spotlight with his friend, talk more or less allowing a bodyguard like me to ‘blow’ or to grow around him. Finding a boss like Kizz Daniel is so sacred, so I give great kudos to him for that. And I pray for a long life for him.

PT: Did you anticipate that your video with Kizz Daniel would trend?

Kelvin Power: It’s just what it is. We did an ordinary video, and before we knew it, we were everywhere. I just stumbled upon it, and it was trending for three days before I knew about it. It was people who drew my attention to it. I didn’t notice, and I was just doing my job.

PT: People called you the ‘Strongest man in Africa.’ How did you earn that title?

Kelvin Power: All power belongs to God; I just found people calling me the most muscular man in Africa. I am not sure about being the most muscular man in Africa, but I am sure that I am enjoying the grace of God.
Kevin Power
Kevin Power

How did you build so many muscles?

Kelvin Power: Consistency. I started my bodybuilding lifestyle in a very rugged way. I had a friend then who I went to see, and he was using flying wheels, just three, and physically, I was more significant than him, so he was pushing, and I felt because I had a bigger body size, I could also do it. So I jumped under it, and then I realised that I couldn’t do it, that it wasn’t all about power, but it was about statistics. So my friend was laughing at me, and I was like, ‘Wow, I am going to the gym, and when I come back, you are not going to meet me anywhere.’ And that was the spirit that brought me into bodybuilding, and till today, I am still the stubborn goat that I am.


PT: For how long have you been bodybuilding?

Kelvin Power: It took me more than 20 years.

PT: As a child growing up, did you ever anticipate that you would have so many muscles?

Kelvin Power: No, I was living in the moment and doing my thing, and I just know that I like proving myself to myself. I love to challenge myself at every opportunity that I have. Anytime I enter the gym, I want to get to the best of myself.
Kevin Power before and after
Kevin Power before and after

PT: When you started bodybuilding 20 years ago, did you have a prospect on how you want your body to look, and would you say that you have achieved it?

Kelvin Power: Yeah, I have always wanted to look very big and healthy; I am a pure, sweet guy. I don’t like intimidation, and I always want to do everything to defend myself. I went into martial arts, and I did the best I could, and I still love doing whatever I like that keeps me going.

PT: People call you Kelvin Power but few know so much about your personal life. Can you share?

Kelvin Power: My real name is Atobiloye Kelvin Kayode; I am from Ondo town and Ekiti State. I am sharing both places because my father is from Ekiti, and I was born in Ondo town; I had my education, formative years and most of my life in Ondo town. And I can speak Ondo dialects fluently that one might think it is the home of my parents.

PT: Speaking of formative years, while growing up, what were your childhood aspirations?

Kelvin Power: Growing up, I have always wanted to be a pride to my family. Whenever they do anything inter-house sports, I would always want to make sure that I would play a role that would identify me differently and bring pride to my parents. That has always been my goal.

And I wanted to just quickly make sure I fed my mother because my mother suffered a lot to raise us. That motivated me to study law, but when I calculated the time I would spend studying law and becoming wealthy and well-established, I realised that for someone of my background, it would take a very long time, and I wanted my mother to be alive and enjoy the fruits of her labour.

So I abandoned law and went into bodybuilding, and for that, I thank God. And honestly, that was the peak of it; I followed my passion, and it brought me good people and good fortune that changed my life. All the good people I have met were always from the gym.

PT: Is it safe to say that you are a lawyer?

Kelvin Power: I didn’t go to law school, but I studied and graduated with a law degree from the University of Ado Ekiti.

PT: How has bodybuilding changed your life?

Kelvin Power: The gym is my party ground; you can’t find me in the club. I try to avoid public attention, and I avoid trouble.

PT: You are the Chief Security Officer of Flyboy International. How did you dabble into the job?

Kelvin Power: It is God’s plan; it is always overriding human methods, and working with Flyboy is the best decision I have ever made. They allowed me to be who I wanted to be. Kizz will never stop you, anything you want to be; he will support you as long as you are within the status quo.

PT: How did you meet Kizz Daniel?

Kelvin Power: I met him because God wanted me to meet him; it’s a long and personal story; let’s just hang it on the fact that God just wanted me to meet him.
Kevin Power
Kevin Power

PT: What is it like to bodyguard a celebrity?

Kelvin Power: To be honest, it is a challenging situation. Bodyguarding itself, you are an enemy to many people because you are going to stop a lot of people from enjoying what they want to enjoy from the celebrity, either criminally or socially. Bodyguarding has been my lifestyle; even when I was in school, I was still making sure I did the job, even with my tiny body. It is a job I love.

To bodyguard a celebrity, you must fall in love with them first because who you don’t love, you can’t guard, so much like God loving us and protecting us too. I see Kizz Daniel as my wife and everything, so I guard passionately and zealously. Maybe that was what inspired the trending video on social media. So when I am out with him, whatever happens, is on God.

PT: Guarding celebrities, do you get threats?

Kelvin Power: I have read threatening messages, but I have never been a scared person. ‘Wetin you wan give us wey we never see for street’. We are always on the street, so we know the language, and if you bring the language, if God gives us the voices to answer you, we will reply.

PT: Aside from Kizz Daniel, who else have you worked with?

Kelvin Power: I have a lot of clients; aside from Kizz Daniel, another famous person I have body-guarded is Mike Adenuga, and there are also other people I have worked with as personal security who need to be noted. But in all, Kizz Daniel is unique, and he stands out as the best boss I have ever had.

PT: Many would doubt that you once had a tiny body.

Kelvin Power: I was very tiny, but bodybuilding has given me a lot of changes, and I am so proud of it today; it has always been my aspiration.

PT: How do you handle an overzealous crowd?

Kelvin Power: You handle an overzealous crowd overzealously; someone called me an ‘overzealous bodyguard’, precisely what I am.

At work, I have friends and family so that an overzealous fan would meet an overzealous bodyguard; whoever wins, we thank God.

We are all adults, and when you go to a show or anywhere that brings you around celebrities, you are an adult; you should know what to do. You can’t see somebody with a bodyguard, and you think that the person is so accessible; for a person to hire a bodyguard, it is because they want some level of privacy and security.

PT: But sometimes fans are carried away by the awe of meeting their favourites; it is called fan love.

Kelvin Power: Yes, but fans should know their limits. No celebrity would not warmly receive a fan’s love, but fans should know and learn to respect the celebrity’s privacy and know how to express themselves; you don’t hurt who you love, do you? If they love the star, they should respect his space.

PT: You speak so much about family and God. Would you say you are the religious type?

Kelvin Power: I am family-oriented, and my family raised me to have a fear of God, which, for me, is the principal thing.

PT: Were there moments you wanted to give up on bodybuilding?

Kelvin Power: Yes, I almost gave up; bodybuilding is costly in terms of diet, supplements, and gym usage.
Kevin Power
Kevin Power

PT: Many people believe that the job of a bodyguard is for the illiterate.

Kelvin Power: I do not believe that because there are a lot of elites, graduates and even master’s degree holders doing the job of a bodyguard. It’s called close security protection.

I do blame people who think that the job of a bodyguard is for the illiterate. There is this notion that people in society have that once you are masculine, you are violent, and they need to change that.

A bodybuilder is not a boxer. Some people in society see bodybuilding and bodyguarding as a job for thugs, and I do not blame them. Still, we have to change our perspective; simply because they are muscular, they have turned slaves of no time in the hands of their employers, promoting the notion that athletic people are violent thugs. Still, it is not valid for me, and I am a very soft and emotional person deep down.

PT: Is bodyguarding a well-paying job?

Kelvin Power: I find that question funny; every job has its intrigues depending on the employer; two people could be doing the same job but working for different employers and earning far differently. But then, people need to appreciate the position of a bodyguard. Some people would club and buy drinks worth over N5m in one night, yet they can not pay for the security of almost N400,000 to N500,000, but they want to price down the money to peanut, and you are doing a party of nearly N20m, it’s sad. And I don’t blame them, and it is because they have seen some bodyguards to be touts who would settle for anything.

PT: How are you trying to change the narrative?

Kelvin Power: I am educating people who have a passion for bodyguarding and bodybuilding that you can be muscular, solid and not violent. I tell them that you can be a bodyguard and not a thug or tout. If there are master’s degree holders in the job, you too can earn with your passion as a bodybuilder. The government should know that bodybuilding is a sport, and the government should invest in the sport.
Kevin Power
Kevin Power

PT: What is your routine and your diet?

Kelvin Power: I eat a lot; I am an African. I eat eba, fufu, pounded yam, and every other food, any regular food, but I love lamb meat, oh I love lamb meat a lot. I do have a routine for my diet: I eat when I am hungry, and I hit the gym daily; I try to beat my feat and create new ones at the gym.

PT: Who is your role model?

Kelvin Power: If I am not going to be biased, my role model is Kizz Daniel. He is a very hard-working person, and knowing him has taught me a lot; he is brilliant. He is a tranquil person, though many people will not understand, but I am the closest to him, and I am very proud to say he is my role model..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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