Islamic State threaten terrorist attack on Champions League games

The terrorist organisation known as Islamic State or IS have threatened to attack fans attending Champions League games this week at the quarter-final stage. The authorities are aware of the threat, but have commnicated that there is no reason to be alarmed as things stand.

The report comes from Marca, but has been reported by a number of major news outlets in Spain, and claims that the authorities in England, France and Spain have received the news of a threat from IS, but as of yet believe they have the situation under control. Al Azaim, an organisation that communicates on behalf of IS at times released a picture of a balaclava-clad person with a rifle and the caption ‘kill them all’ imposed on the background of the four stadiums seeing action this week; Emirates Stadium (Arsenal-Bayern Munich), Parc des Princes (Paris Saint-Germain-Barcelona), the Metropolitano (Atletico Madrid-Borussia Dortmund) and the Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid-Manchester City)...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶


The Spanish Government are aware of the threat, but there are no changes planned for the matches in Madrid, which take place just 24 hours apart in the capital. Already high security measures were in place or the event, but on Tuesday morning there will be a government security meeting to decide on potential extra measures to be put in place. The security forces have also alerted those at Real Madrid to the threat.

It is not the first time that IS have threatened attacks on sporting events in Europe and the wider Western world, but for all involved the current line is one of increased vigilance but complete confidence in the safety of the event.

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