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ISRAEL-HAMAS War! Check Out The Technology That Is Not Allowing Rocket Bombs To Land In Israel [Videos]

Israel has two missile defense systems that detect rocket bombs in her airspace……CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

One of the missile defense systems called the Iron Dome has intercepted thousands of rockets and missiles launched from Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

The second one (reportedly being prepared for the war) is called the Iron Beam. The system is equipped with a radar that detects an incoming rocket, its speed and its direction.

The Iron Beam defense system’s control centre is said to calculate whether or not any rocket launched at Israel poses a threat to her towns.

Nonthreatening rockets launched at Israel are allowed by the Iron Beam to land in empty fields.

If the rockets pose a threat, the missile firing unit launches missiles to shoot them down.

The Iron Beam can take out enemy rockets just like the Iron Dome.

Watch Video Showing How The Iron Beam Works

JUST IN: Israel will reportedly be using their new “Iron Beam,” a laser beam that can take out enemy rockets.

Unconfirmed videos are circulating showing these laser beams are now taking out enemy threats.

While an interceptor missile from the Iron Dome costs ~$50,000, the laser…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) October 15, 2023

On the other hand, the highly rated Iron Dome possessed by Israel is designed to destroy short-ranged projectiles — like rockets, missiles and artillery — launched primarily from Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It works through a combination of radar to detect incoming threats, batteries that launch interceptor missiles carrying proximity warheads and communication systems to relay guidance data.

Reports say the batteries can neutralize threats launched from up to 43 miles away, while at the same time ignoring projectiles that are projected to strike unpopulated areas.

Watch Video Of How Israel’s Iron Dome Works

The Iron Dome had a busy day today! 💪🇮🇱 Keep praying for Israel.

— Hananya Naftali (@HananyaNaftali) October 11, 2023

Israel has been heavily reliant on the Iron Dome system to detect incoming rockets in attacks by Hamas and then intercept them.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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