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Israel-Hamas War: Israel orders another top spies to hunt down ‘every single individual’ involved in Hamas’ October 7 massacre

Israel has ordered elite spies to hunt down and assassinate ‘every single individual’ involved in the October 7 atrocity as it fights a growing war on two fronts.

On Sunday, October 22, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the nation was in a ‘do-or-die double battle’ to ‘erase Hamas’ in Gaza while trying to hold back against Hezbollah firing missiles from Lebanon.

He said Hezbollah terrorists in the north will be making ‘the biggest mistake of their lives’ if they fully join the battle.

A special unit has been established to hunt down Hamas fanatics who killed 1,400 people two weeks ago. The security service Shin established the special unit named Nili, an acronym meaning: ‘The eternity of Israel will not lie.’ It is tasked with ‘eliminating’ everyone who played a role in the Hamas massacres.

Fears are mounting that the Israel-Hamas war could drag the Middle East into what Rishi Sunak called a ‘contagion of conflict’.

As Israel prepares to send ground troops into Gaza to eradicate Hamas, the Israeli PM gave a speech to troops preparing to defend Israel against the much larger Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group based in Lebanon.

Mr Netanyahu declared: ‘We are now in a double battle. A battle for our lives. A battle for our home. This is the war. It’s do or die – they need to die.

‘One battle is a battle to hold action here and on the other side, to win there [in Gaza], an absolute victory that will erase Hamas.’ He warned: ‘If Hezbollah decides to enter the war… they will be making the biggest mistake of their lives.’

Yesterday Israel stepped up airstrikes on Gaza ahead of the ground invasion. It said its overnight strikes had killed dozens of Hamas terrorists.

Israeli fighter jets also struck two airports in Syria amid fears Iran-backed fighters are massing and a mosque in the occupied West Bank said to be used by militants.

The country has traded fire with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants since the war began, and tensions are soaring in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where Israeli forces have fought militants and carried out two air strikes in recent days.

Meanwhile, Israelis living near the country’s northern border with Lebanon have been evacuated.

Mr Netanyahu’s defiant speech came just hours after Iran issued a chilling warning to the United States saying that Israel’s war with Hamas could ‘spiral out of control’ if they do not ‘immediately’ cease strikes on Gaza..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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