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‘It Only Takes One’: British Man Takes Righteous Action After Palestinian Flag Gets Draped Over Monument

We wrote Friday about a New Yorker now known to his many fans as “Flannel Man” who was shown on video absolutely going off on a pro-Hamas poster thief in New York City who thought it would be a good idea to rip down a Hamas hostage flyer and throw it onto the ground.

Because the piece and video got such a great response – with some even calling on him to run for president, I wanted to share it again quickly before we get to the next one. For those who missed Flannel Man and his epic First Amendment lecture (which he gave right before telling the Hamas sympathizer how much he wanted to put him in the hospital), watch:

There are good people out there. Let’s hear it for the non-Jewish gentleman in the brown plaid shirt who confronts the pro-murder, pro-kidnap bigot ripping down posters of kidnapped Israelis. pic.twitter.com/djQH78DZ8w

— Aviva Klompas (@AvivaKlompas) October 27, 2023

In the United Kingdom, there are heroes, too, as we saw in the aftermath of the disturbing, massive pro-Hamas march that took place in London Saturday, where antisemitic chants filled the air and self-loathing wokesters like “Queer Jews for Palestine” (yes, that’s an actual group) went Full Metal Useful Idiots, much like their counterparts here in the United States.

Another thing that was in abundance at the London protest was a sea of Palestinian flags being waved, as we also saw in New York City. In some instances, anti-Israel radicals climbed monuments in London, raising the Palestinian flag and leaving it there for all the world to see.

But one man, British actor Laurence Fox, was having none of it.

In one video he shared on Twitter, Fox can be seen on top of the Boadicea and Her Daughters statue, which is located “at the western end of Westminster Bridge, a stone’s throw from Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.”

In it, you can see him removing signage brought by the radicals, kicking it to the ground. But when he gets to the Palestinian flag, he unties it, balls it up, and tosses it off to the side while looking straight into the camera and saying “get your sh*t off my statue.”

Nearby, a woman – presumably the person taking the video – cheers for him while explaining to someone why the items couldn’t remain on the statue..


Getting on top of the monument was no small feat, as we learned from watching him carefully get down off of it:

Fox, who is also the founder and leader of the “Reclaim Party,” received heaps of praise on the Twitter machine for his actions, with one quipping “This man should never have to pay for a pint ever again.”

Another wondered “…why didn’t one single MP do it? Therein lies our problem,” which as far as I’m concerned is like the understatement of the decade.

That said, as “Steven” noted, “It only takes one person to show some bottle. Then the avalanche can begin,” which is to say that if you think change is needed or at the very least that something needs to be set right in the court of public opinion, think twice before relying solely on elected “leaders” to get it done, because oftentimes you’ll end up disappointed, and the result will be worsening of the moral rot and decay that we see playing out every single day..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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