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Kamala Harris Gets Dragged for Christmas Eve Post

The lengths to which Democrats will go to toe the progressive line never ceases to amaze. Things like tradition and normalcy are not only cast aside but are treated as if they never existed in the first place. Vice President Kamala Harris, ever the producer of awkward public proclamations, illustrated that dynamic perfectly on Sunday evening....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

It wasn’t just any Sunday evening, of course. Rather, it was December 24th, otherwise known to essentially all human beings as Christmas Eve. Well, unless you’re Kamala Harris. Then it’s some mishmash of holidays that shall not be named.

I despise this trend so much, not because I have no tolerance for people who celebrate other holidays during the Christmas season, but because the assumption being presented by Harris is that merely acknowledging the existence of Christmas is somehow offensive. December 24th is not some random day in December, and she is not posing in front of some random tree. We all know what she’s celebrating, so how hard is it to just say, “Merry Christmas?”

I get that some will say I’m overreacting. They’ll say this is a small thing and that saying “happy holidays” is not a big deal. On some level, I might agree, but not on this one. Frankly, I’m just worn out with the far-left destruction of American tradition, to the point where a nation founded by Christians has leaders who are scared to say the word Christmas in public lest they exclude some laundry list of other religions.

I understand there are people in the country who don’t celebrate Christmas other than as a commercial affair (or not at all). Why is it up to Christians, though, to forgo the mention of the birth of Jesus Christ by pretending the millennia-old Christmas season is actually some nebulous “holiday” season?

So when I see someone like Harris playing into that, desperately trying not to mention the word Christmas even as she poses in front of a Christmas tree, I’m left thinking about how ridiculous we’ve become as a society. I wasn’t the only one thinking that either. Underneath her post are hundreds of replies pointing out the same thing.

All of this plays into a broader feeling among Americans that the things they hold dear are being destroyed. Whether it’s pro-Hamas protesters shutting down a tree-lighting ceremony or climate protesters shutting down a highway, people have had enough. What might seem like a small slight by Harris in her post is just a symptom of a broader national sickness and one that is getting worse.

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