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‘Last Chance U’ coach: Patrick Mahomes is NOTHING without Andy Reid

Jason Brown, the former junior college football coach and the subject of seasons three and four of the Netflix show ‘Last Chance U’, made some bizarre comments about Patrick Mahomes...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

The Chiefs offense has been struggling this season – with a Sunday Night Football loss to the Green Bay Packers yet another example of that.

Brown made an appearance on the Momentum Podcast hosted by former Syracuse, Vanderbilt, and USC quarterback Mo Hasan and stated that the Chiefs success was more because of Andy Reid’s scheme design than Mahomes’ success.

I’ve seen John Elway bro. Mahomes couldn’t hold John Elway’s f***ing left nut in the cold winter,’ Brown said.

He continued, saying, ‘Without Andy Reid, Mahomes is nothing. Put him in Chicago, how good is Mahomes?’

'Last Chance U' coach Jason Brown ripped into Patrick Mahomes on a podcast episode

‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown ripped into Patrick Mahomes on a podcast episode


Hasan seemed to agree, saying, ‘We’d be talking about a really talented guy who maybe hasn’t taken the leap to make it into the playoffs.’

Brown doubled down on his statement, saying, ‘I don’t think he’d be really good at all.’

The coach then made the unverifiable statement that ’50 percent of his passes are [to receivers] at or behind the line of scrimmage’ – likely referring to screens.

If this is indeed true, it’s hard to levy this criticism at Mahomes. For one, he had the third lowest check down rate in the league last season. Secondly, this is the same system Reid ran when he had the now-retired Alex Smith at quarterback.

Then Brown claimed that Mahomes ‘is the lowest rated Super Bowl winning quarterback of all time’ which is a bizarre statement because it’s blatantly not true.

If Brown is referring to the worst passer ratings in the Super Bowl itself, the worst rating was put up by Craig Morton of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII. The worst passer rating in a Super Bowl post-1990 belongs to Kerry Collins of the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

But if the coach is talking about the lowest career rating of a quarterback that won a Super Bowl, then Mahomes is actually the complete opposite. He currently owns the best career passer rating of any quarterback in NFL history.

Brown wrapped up his comments as such: ‘He is in a gimmicky system that is devised to help him succeed. That means they take a tremendous skill set – I’m not knocking Mahomes, I’m not saying he’s not a freak [or] that he doesn’t have a whip and a cannon – but all the off platform, three-quarter throws… is because Andy Reid has to do certain things in the system to use his skill set to allow his team to succeed.’

Brown claimed Mahomes is the 'worst rated Super Bowl winning QB in history' which isn't true

Brown claimed Mahomes is the ‘worst rated Super Bowl winning QB in history’ which isn’t true

Brown believes that most of the credit for Mahomes' success is due to Andy Reid's coaching

Brown believes that most of the credit for Mahomes’ success is due to Andy Reid’s coaching

The Chiefs fell 27-19 to the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday evening – with a Hail Mary attempt from Mahomes falling incomplete.

Mahomes had an off night by his standards, going 21-of-33 for 210 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

Brown rose to fame, or rather notoriety, for his role as the brash head coach of Independence Community College in Kansas on seasons three and four of the Netflix hit show ‘Last Chance U’.

While the show highlighted how players moved from the junior college (or JUCO) ranks to getting noticed by big-name colleges, it was Brown himself that became known for his tough demeanor.

At the end of season four, it was revealed that Brown had sent problematic text messages to a freshman from Germany – saying that the coach would be the ‘new Hitler’ in the player’s life. Brown resigned from his position.

Stemming from that, Brown was charged with eight felonies related to blackmail and identity theft after he allegedly posed as a lawyer that sent cease-and-desist letters to news outlets so they would stop reporting on the aforementioned text fiasco.

By 2021, those charges were dismissed. Brown then moved on to other ventures and has not returned to the coaching ranks.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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