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Local nonprofit host end of the year program celebrating its service to community

A non-profit in Aiken is celebrating 10 years of serving the community and providing resources to people with Lupus disease...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Crowning Lupus hosted an end of the year program this morning, celebrating their mentor students and scholarship recipients.

Council woman Gail Diggs and other city officials presented the organization with the keys to a new facility.

Crowning Lupus has been working to spread Lupus awareness across the CSRA.

“so crowning lupus we like to bridge the gap of access and availability for those battling lupus. But for us it goes a little bit more deeper because we are really committed to making an impact in the community so from back to school events, to our mentoring program which is the students that were presented today.” said Jade Nealious, founder of crowning lupus.

“we just want to like educate kids and young like ladies about how to like treat themselves and how like they should dress and stuff.” said Laila Harrison, member.

They also focus on resources concerning mental and financial health.

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