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Lungu is ashamed of his presidency – Chabinga


Lungu is ashamed of his presidency – Chabinga

EDGAR Lungu has no courage to face the public or the media to discuss his presidency because he is ashamed of it, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Robert Chabinga has charged.

Reacting to former president’s recorded Facebook video last Friday in which he vowed to use all means necessary to return to power in order to promote democracy, Chabinga wondered what kind of democracy Lungu was talking about.

The Mafinga Constituency PF lawmaker noted that Lungu’s seven-year presidency was marked by heavy handedness and countless undemocratic activities.

“That is why, two years after losing power president Lungu has never held a press briefing to speak about his presidency,” Chabinga said.

The lawmaker expressed shock that Lungu could say the country had no democracy when his thugs beat up people who voiced out against his rule while he used government bodies to close down critical media.

“Because of the uninspiring democratic record during his reign, president Lungu has no courage to hold a press briefing to discuss his presidency or answer questions from objective journalists. He is afraid and he is ashamed, Chabinga said.

“Even that so called press briefing on Friday, there were no journalists. It was recorded in secret location by Emmanuel Mwamba and then the posted on Facebook,” he added.

Chabinga branded Lungu’s current political activities as comedy urging him to take some rest.

“President Lungu deserves to rest rather than parade himself and issuing misguided, uncoordinated statements and pure comedy, as was the case last Friday,” Chabinga said.

He explained that the formation of patriotic Front (PF) government in 2011 ignited optimism about accountability and transparency in the running of the affairs of both the party and country.

“However let me be quick to indicate that in subsequent, years during the reign of President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu or ECL, both the party and country became shadows of themselves,” added Chabinga.

He questioned Lungu’s reluctance to hand over power within the party, labeling it as political intrigue and manipulation.

“President Lungu by virtue of him failing to handover power at party level by perpetually holding on following his disastrous performance in 2021 general elections, is a clear case of political intrigue, blackmail and manipulation,” Chabinga said.

“As a democrat, President Lungu should realize that President Miles Sampa is the legitimate leader of the country’s biggest opposition party, as he is duly recognized by the national statutes in conformity with the supreme laws of the land.”

The opposition leader emphasized the need for remorse from Lungu and condemned any unorthodox means to reclaim power.

He urged law enforcement agencies to handle such matters impartially.

Chabinga further advised fellow opposition members to accept the changed leadership in the National Assembly and PF, stressing the importance of discipline, decorum, and constructive checks and balances.

I’m advising my fellow Honourable Members of Parliament from the opposition PF that we need to accept reality and understand that leadership in the National Assembly has changed,” said Chabinga.

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