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Man suing St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, St. Augustine beach and 1 officer for excessive force

A man is suing the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, St. Augustine Beach Police, and an officer after he said they violated his civil rights and the officer used excessive force, leaving him with physical and emotional damages...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Paul Viollis Jr, 34, was charged with a DUI, carrying a concealed weapon, and marijuana possession.

Following his arrest, he filed a lawsuit against the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, St. Augustine Beach PD, and Officer Jerry Baker.

In February 2023, Viollis was leaving a Publix when he got out of his car at the stop sign in the parking lot to grab a Gatorade from the trunk, according to the lawsuit.

Baker saw Viollis and told him that he couldn’t do that, so he got back in his car and left.

The lawsuit said at that point, Baker didn’t detain him for suspicion of a DUI, but Baker still followed Viollis.

The arrest report said Baker saw him slowing at every condo complex entrance, causing other drivers to slow down, swerve, and almost hit a truck.

Viollis said he was looking for the entrance to his brand-new condo when he was pulled over by Baker.

In the lawsuit, Viollis said Baker ripped him out of the car, yanked his groin area, and throat-checked him.

According to the arrest report, Baker removed him from the car and restrained him due to his continued lack of cooperation. What wasn’t in the police report is what Viollis alleges what happened next at the sheriff’s office.

Viollis said he was gasping in pain and asked for medical attention several times.

The lawsuit said Viollis was denied a request to use the bathroom and was told to defecate on himself, which he eventually did.

Hours later, Viollis saw a doctor and a nurse who told the officers to let him use the restroom. An officer told him he could go when he was “done with everything.”

The officer eventually let Viollis go to the bathroom after seeing that he was in distress.

The lawsuit said Viollis asked for water because the bathroom faucet wasn’t working. The officers told Viollis to use the toilet water because it was the same as the sink.

There is also an allegation of an officer forcibly removing Viollis’ medical lymphatic socks, despite knowing his medical condition and Viollis’ ankles and feet swelled immediately.

St. Augustine Beach Police Department said Baker no longer works with them and that there is an internal affairs summary. News4JAX is waiting to receive a copy of it.

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