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Mary statue begins ‘shedding tears of blood’ in Mexico

Church officials are investigating after a statue of the Virgin Mary apparently started crying blood...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The bizarre incident has sparked chaos in Mexico, where the statue shows Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of five visions of her said to have been revealed to a peasant called Juan Diego and his uncle Juan Bernardino in the 1500s.

The owners of the statue, a family in Morelia, in the town of Obrera, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, contacted Catholic officials when it apparently started to shed dark red tears from its eyes on June 2.

The exact location of the statue has not been made public yet, presumably to protect the safety of the family involved.

However, photographs of the statue appear to show it with dark streaks running down its cheeks as if it had been crying blood.

Local church officials have now urged worshippers not to get carried away.

The Archdiocese of Morelia said in a statement: “It is necessary to highlight the need for caution when approaching an issue as delicate as that of an alleged miracle.”

They added: “The Archdiocese of Morelia is taking the necessary measures to investigate the situation deeply and exhaustively. Therefore, it is too early to issue a definitive position on the matter.

“This in no way confirms anything in this regard, which is why he asked to treat the issue with adequate discretion while inviting them to take advantage of this moment to motivate their own conversion and family prayer.

It will be the ecclesiastical hierarchy itself that confirms the team that will carry out the detailed study of the case, so, as soon as there is any relevant report or conclusion, it will be made public knowledge.”

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