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Murtala constituted so-called 50 wisemen, Awolowo rejected the invitation making it 49–According to Ayo Opadokun

As to the Vanguard report, Chief Ayo Opadokun, the Secretary General of the National Democratic Coalition, clarifies that in a parliamentary system, a government can be overthrown if the opposition manages to pass a vote of no confidence and appoints a new prime minister....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

He draws a comparison between this and the military’s executive presidential system, which spares the current president from a vote of no confidence and allows them to hold office for the remainder of their term. He asserts that the military’s drive for an executive presidential system was rejected by Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

He said, “If an opponent moves a vote of no confidence by the rules and the sitting government can’t have a majority, that government will fall. If it falls, it doesn’t mean that the opponent will take over.

What it means is that another person has to be made the prime minister to form the government. Based on that, the government is kept on its toes 24/7 to respond to the yearnings and aspirations of the people, unlike the presidential system.

The executive presidential system was forced on Nigerians by the military. General Murtala Mohammed constituted a so-called 50 wise men, but Chief Obafemi Awolowo rejected the invitation making it 49 wisemen, led at that time by Chief Fredrick Rotimi Alade Williams. Muhammad told them to fashion a government with executive authority.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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