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My Boyfriend Made Me Quit Prostitution Then Left Me For Same Girls

Sandra stopped playing her night trade when she met her boyfriend who was one of her customers. He asked her to quit being a call girl and become his girlfriend. He made her a tempting offer, so she decided to leave the business. However, things didn’t work out for them. She says he left her for another call girl, the same type of woman he once criticised...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

I was into call girl business before I met my boyfriend. When I left the village to stay with my girlfriend in Delta state, I never knew she was a runs girl. I thought she was working in a hotel like she told me when she came home. When I joined her in Delta that was when she opened up to me regarding the kind of thing she was into. The money she made every night was tempting I had to join her and I planned to make money and take of myself and my people.

“He met me on the street, then I was in Delta state, he picked me up that night and we went to his house. The next day he told me to stay a day more and paid me for staying. He treated me so nicely, no man has given me such attention. He asked me to quit street life and marry him. He promised to transfer N2 million to me and I thought it was a joke. A street girl like me! But he was serious. He took me to shop for new clothes. It was when he transferred the money I knew he was serious.

“He said he loved hot girls like me who could do crazy things with him, so we began to live together. Not long after he engaged me with a gold ring. I was happy and at the same time scared. He wanted me to get pregnant for him but I wasn’t ready for such responsibility. We are both young and I knew the kind of business he was doing. I enjoyed the money he was giving me but sometimes I was scared that something could go wrong someday.

“He would often ask me why I hadn’t gotten pregnant. He didn’t know I was on pills. When he found out he got angry. He stopped giving me attention and would leave the house for days. Later I found out he was with another street girl, the same girls he used to bad mouth. He stopped me doing runs with men. I had to pack to my parent’s house first to get myself together.

I am so pained. I don’t have any skills, and he provided all my needs while I was with him. I have even sold the gold engagement ring he gave me to feed. Right now I am considering returning to the street because that is the only means I know to survive.”

Dear Sandra, If you ask me, you never really left the call girl business; you just stopped seeing multiple men. He paid you to be with only him, and now he’s moved on to the next girl. Rest assured, he’ll probably get tired of her soon, too. As for going back to your old job, that’s not a good idea. Prostitution is never the answer. It’s time to clean up and do something useful for yourself. There are many honorable ways to make money. Learn a skill and strive to become a better person.

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