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Nigerian man sacked from N2.3m job after friend he helped reported him to his Oyinbo boss

A Nigerian man has lost his source of livelihood after a friend snitched on him to his oyinbo employer

After getting the N2.3 million writing job, the kindhearted fellow decided to help a jobless Nigerian man who reached out to him on X (formerly Twitter)

The Nigerian fellow accepted to help him by outsourcing his writing job only to be played at the end

A Nigerian lady, Adeife Adeoye, has narrated how her friend lost his writing job paying $2,000 (N2.3 million) after a friend snitched on him.

Adeoye said a man, without a job, reached out to her friend on X, begging him to be assisted with work.

Nigerian man, writing gig, outsourcing, N2.3m
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Her kindhearted friend agreed and decided to be outsourcing his writing gig to the jobless fellow in return for cash.
His friend pulled a fast one on him

A disappointed Adeoye said the fellow reached out to her friend’s oyinbo boss and exposed how the writing job was being outsourced to him and the pay involved.

The revelation led to the sacking of her friend but the snitch was not given the job either. Adeoye’s story on TikTok caused a stir on the platform.

Watch the video below:
People share their thoughts on the incident

Magenta said:

“This is incredibly painful, imagine losing such a lucrative gig just because of one person’s wickedness. I’ll actually cry.”

Debbie said:

“Ugh that one dey. It has happened to me before. Such a terrible betrayal that ruined a good relationship I had with the client.”

Ada Jay said:

“Many of my friends know I work remotely, but till date I haven’t told any the name of my firm. I want to get a VA, but this my fear.”

Blossie said:

“And I was just about to outsource my job This is a sign, let me just manage my thing myself.”

user5610355053428 said:

“How did the friend know his source? He should have kept that private. The BOSS took the right decision. Let your friend learn.He will get another job.”

Emmystone said:

“The lesson here is never you tell them the cow that produce milk for you, bcos if you tell them they will poison the cow.”

Mzposh said:

“He probably thought they’ll employ him , I love how they didn’t employ him . Your friend will definitely get a better job.”

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